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Easy Rustic Decorations for Your Home – 4 Original Ideas

Rustic Decor for Home

Striking a perfect balance of rustic and modern is a balancing act that few interior decorators would be brave enough to attempt, but the rewards of pulling off a beautifully juxtaposed look are long lasting and well worth it. Rustic decor is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the warmth and casual elegance it can bring to an interior space, and decorating your own home with this cozy and popular style is a snap. Get started with a few basic style tips found here, and let your personality and style take over!

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An Organic Feel
Nothing presents a natural and rustic atmosphere like building materials taken right from nature. Natural wood finishes, unplanked structural wood support and log accents with wood grain and bark details are an effective and dramatic way to bring the beauty of the natural world right into your own home. Many durable building woods have a beautiful and bright natural finish that can be kept clean and vibrant looking with the proper treatment and minimal maintenance.

Bold Décor

Accent pieces are crucial to bringing your rustic look together. Don’t be shy with eye-catching details, and make sure that the accent pieces are worth the attention. Hand beaten copper home accessories and genuine antique pieces are a great choice for a classic vintage style that radiates warmth. Accent colors and contrasting materials bring life and warmth into your design and give your space drama and dimension. Not everything has to be harmonious, and sometimes an unexpected texture or color can breathe life into an otherwise stale or cliché design.

Mood Lighting

Combining the industrial with the natural is a key element of a good rustic design composition. While organic accents and natural materials are important to your design scheme, adding distinctively industrial touches keeps your look fresh and modern. Exterior barn lights, exposed metal structuring, and other modern rural elements are a great way to update your look, and classic gooseneck barn lamps are the visual definition of vintage modern.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Re-purposed construction materials and recycled furniture pieces make a bold and beautiful statement in a modern rustic design setting. Combining ruggedness with comfort is a hallmark of the well done rustic style, and repurposing building materials adds affinity and personality to your entire look. Using leftovers from interior construction not only minimizes waste but also brings harmony to your space for a more cohesive look. Beautiful and functional furniture can also be constructed from recycled wine barrels, antique doors, and other interesting materials for a one of a kind piece that shows off your personal style.

These ideas are just a starting point – from here you can really create a rustic ambiance as you collect more pieces and find what you like. Make sure you incorporate your own style and personality in these designs, in order to make your home a place that reflects your interests and your family.

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