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5 Design Tips for an Easy-Clean Kitchen

5 Design Tips for an Easy-Clean Kitchen

Whether you are a passionate cook or a busy professional, your kitchen probably gets messy more often than you would like. From greasy spots, lime scale, food stains, spills and cluttered countertops, keeping everything neat and clean seems like fighting a losing battle. Luckily, there is an easier way to prevent the chaos in your cooking corner without the pile of cleaning supplies.

With a couple of clever design touch-ups, you can create functional and low-maintenance kitchen that will be a joy to use. These ideas will save you time and will make the day-to-day cleaning trouble-free.

Efficient Floor Plan

If you are designing your kitchen from scratch, then start with the floor plan. A functional layout will make the place easier to use and will cut the cleaning time. Depending on how big your place is, you have several options. The kitchen triangle is a traditional choice. This arrangement connects the three key areas in the kitchen – the stove, the sink and the refrigerator for optimal efficiency. This layout works particularly well for small spaces.  For a bigger kitchen, you can try the work station set-up that provides you with separate place for each task.

Stain-resistant Flooring

Some flooring materials are less prone to stains than others. Pick options that require a single wipe with the mop.  Linoleum, marmoleum and sheet vinyl require minimal maintenance and look great. If you want to install tiles, strive for few and thin grout lines. Large-format tiles will spare you the pain of scrubbing grease and spills. If you can’t get such type of flooring, go for epoxy grout to keep the cleaning at minimum. Hardwood seems attractive because it looks amazing and is easy to clean, but spills and stains should be tackled immediately.

Image -  iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto

Low-maintenance Countertops

Countertops tend to get messy very quickly. Opt for materials that don’t stain easily such as stainless steel, laminate, quartz and Corian. Tiles are not a good choice because they have grout to scrub and seal. Granite is both beautiful and easy to maintain. The downside is that it can be a bit expensive and it requires occasional sealing. Laminate and large-format tiles are good low-cost alternatives to the pricy granite.

Functional Cabinetry and Appliances

Moldings and ornamental features look pretty on the kitchen cabinets, but they take extra time to wipe off. A sleek and simple design makes cleaning less complicated. Shaker style cabinetry is flexible and blends well in both a traditional and contemporary décor.

Image- iStockphoto
Image- iStockphoto

Plenty of Storage

With all the appliances, cookware and gadgets, it’s almost impossible to keep the kitchen organized. Provide enough storage space for all your appliances.  Customized cupboard for pots and pantry will allow you to effortlessly pull out your favorite cookware and then put it away once you’re done. Roll-out and corner drawers are creative solutions for tiny kitchens or awkward spots. Pull-out bins not only keep the unattractive trash cans out of sight, but also frees up floor space.

With these smart design techniques your kitchen will look sparkling clean and organized with almost no effort.

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