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From Earth to Branch, Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

Springtime is a wonderful period. A home gardener can look forward to a summer of green growing things and the feel of lush lawn underfoot. But first, the lawn and trees must be checked and prepared after harsh weather. The best way is to start from the ground and work your way up.

From Earth to Branch, Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

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Ground Care

The first step in caring for your spring lawn is to let the soil thaw and dry out from harsh weather. Working the soil before it is warm and dry will kill and disrupt your grass’s root system. Your first task will need to lightly rake any winter debris from the grounds. Next you will need to aerate your topsoil. This helps improve air and water flow and stimulates root growth. Spring is a prefect time to sharpen your mower blades for the health and good looks of your grass. You will want to cut your grass after you notice the first bright green growth to remove and dead leaves. Be sure to cut no shorter than three or four inches.

Beds and Bulbs

Prepare your flower beds for their first spring flowers with a healthy weeding session to remove anything that you may have missed later year. Also remove and harsh weather killed old growth. Early spring is not generally a time to plant, but some retailers will have cold hardy spring plants like tulips ready to be planted. If you choose to plant spring bulbs now, select ones that are ready to bloom. Be sure that the plants are well used to your local weather.

Bushes and Hedges

Most bush work will have been don last fall. Now will be the time to check you plants carefully for cold damage. Prune any broken or damages limbs to prevent disease. You may also want to apply organic fertilizer to the base of your bushes and hedges. A quick raking of the ground will remove some hibernating pests and prevent some plant illnesses. A fresh layer of environmentally friendly mulch applied after raking will help keep down budding weeds.

Trees and Branches

You will also want to inspect your trees. Trees, like all other plants, can suffer damage and illness after harsh weather, according to One Tripp Tree Service, Inc., a San Diego Arborist. Check for holes, broken branches and damaged trunks. Trees are the one plant that may require the services of a professional due to their size. Many local companies can remove harsh weather damaged trees.

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