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Different Types of Drainage Systems Available

Different Types of Drainage Systems Available

There are many different types of drainage systems available, and usually the type of drainage system depends upon the geology and the topography of the landscape. A proper drainage system is imperative if you want the proper disposal of both waste and storm water.

Here are some of the different types of drainage systems that are available, and it really depends upon the individual’s requirements for what he wants.

Surface Drainage System


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A surface drainage system does exactly what it sounds like it’s supposed to do. For it to be successful trenches must be dug in parallel patterns. The ditches are quite shallow and they more often than not act as a canal so that water can run through them. The ditches will lead the water away from the house. These types of drainage systems are an absolute necessity in a house as it prevents standing water from accumulating.

Subsurface Drainage System

The idea behind this is to place the drainage below a layer of soil so it prevents water logging. Trees and roots begin to detoriate if they are placed in the water for too long and this can kill the plant off. A subsurface drain requires trenches to be built underground, and a sort of collector needs to be installed as well so that it can gather the water that is coming from the pipes. In most cases a sump pump will also be required to pump out the water from the drainage however that can be quite an expensive proposition.

Downspout and Gutter System


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The downspout is quite common in modern homes and is usually connected to the gutter system from the roof and all the way down. The downspout can be made of either steel, aluminum or copper and can be either in a round or a rectangular shape. The downspout works by catching the water from the drains and diverting it away from your house in the most efficient of ways possible. Furthermore, the downspout is also a relatively common occurrence in most houses, and is rather inexpensive to install as well. Hence it is a good option to consider whenever you are looking for a competent drainage system.

Slope Drainage System

These are the most common types of drainage system and it usually involves drainage pipes taking advantage of the natural incline of a slope to divert the water away from your house. A pipe is installed which will gradually lead to a decline in the slope and will allow for the water to divert away from the house. The pipe can be either metal or plastic and will be grated properly so that it might not harm little children or pet animals.

Residential drainage systems are an absolute must to avoid flooding, and you should ensure that you properly maintain the pipes as even the slightest of leaks can cause extensive damage to your walls and your property in general. In case there is even a slightest indication of a leak call a professional ASAP. I had a similar case that one of my pipes burst and there was standing water all around, and hence I called the services of Advantage Drainage who not only repaired the leak, but also used a Sump Pump to get rid of the excess water in a matter of minutes.

Hence my advice to all of you is simple, consider the type of drainage system and the amount of money that you are willing to spend on it, and then proceed accordingly. One wrong step with your house’s plumbing can have dire consequences for the entire household.


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