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The Don’ts Of Interior Decorating

When researching on ideas for decorating your spaces you will find numerous inspirations in design magazines, tips and suggestions in articles and expert advices online but mostly they all will contain what should be done to achieving an appealing place, hardly will you come across what you could do wrong. There are numerous things that could possibly go wrong and it’s best to keep these in mind to not make any mistakes and then follow all the decorating advice that you can find, here are some items to guide you on what NOT to do.

  • Don’t Pick Colours Suddenly

Every rooms colour scheme should be carefully thought up with plans on how many colours to include and where exactly and how will the colours be displayed in a room. once you have a plan go out to buy fabrics and paint but only buy swatches at first, come back home and place them in the room to see if they work or not. Even if you have a well blended colour scheme it may just not suit your room and cause it to break, thus the swatches must be placed for a day or two and light effects should be studied after which the final choice should be made.

  • Don’t Paint First

It’s easy to purchase any colour in the world for paint as it can be mixed to achieve anything you please but it’s hard to find exact colours and patterns for upholstery, carpets and fabrics that you need thus go shopping for them first. Once the appropriate fabrics are purchased you can accordingly mix up a paint colour to cover your walls. If the paint is chosen first you may be forced to repaint later if coordinating fabrics are not found leading to waste in effort and resources.

  • Don’t Follow Trends

Trends are suitable when choosing garments since they are replaced continuously but your decor should be good enough to last you a very long time and the thing with trends is that they go out fashion. You may overspend on an item that is exquisite right now but in a few months it will loose its class and be a complete waste for you. Classical items then to last a long time such as traditional canvas pictures rather then modern graffiti etc

  • Don’t Push Furniture To The Walls

Pushing furniture against the walls results in a disoriented arrangement and is especially undesirable for large rooms. Some items of course can be placed against the wall but the arrangement should be such that furniture is properly grouped to result in conversation areas while no part of the room is left unfilled and cold. This does not mean that you can create barriers by placing furniture in front of a table or door but other then traffic areas furniture can be placed anywhere. Different conversation areas can be linked together by a wall canvas, plant or table etc.

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