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DIY Remodeling Projects: Complete Home Updates Yourself

DIY Remodeling Projects: Tips to Complete Home Updates Without Long Delays

Renovating or remodeling your home can be incredibly frustrating, and the process can be confusing for many homeowners. While you might have an idea of the process, it helps to plan out the individual steps to keep your renovation organized and on track.

Design and Planning Stage

When planning your renovation job, you can let your mind go wild. Draw up elaborate plans with expensive materials and the best appliances, if you like, but then settle down and plan a design that is more in line with your budget. If you’d like high-end appliances, consider whether you can do some projects yourself to cut costs.

Shopping for Contractors

Once you’ve decided on a design plan for the renovation, contact professionals for the jobs you don’t want to tackle yourself. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, you might need a carpenter for the cabinets and a plumber for fixtures and appliances. Research your choices by getting recommendations from friends for reliable contractors. Make sure the contractors are licensed and have insurance.

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Pack Valuables Before Demolition Begins

You will have workers in and out of the house during the day when you might not be home. While they may be reliable, accidents occur too. It’s safer to have valuables locked away in a storage unit during renovations than risk losing a valuable piece. You can rent a safe deposit box for jewelry and other items, or have a safe installed, which is a good idea anyway.

Plan for the Missing Space

If you’re renovating the kitchen, you still need to eat. You’ll need to have a room planned as a replacement. You’ll need a small space with a microwave and paper plates or have to eat out every night depending on the depth of the renovation. If the bathroom is being remodeled, you’ll have to shower in another space. Think about these things ahead of time and make arrangements.

Construction Waste and Demolition

To stay organized during the renovation, have a bin delivered directly to the home. It saves time and money during the demolition straight through to the completion of the project. You won’t have to wait for curbside service or bringing your own items to the dump site. The bin can be rented for the entire project. It can be loaded with construction waste, garbage or dirt. It’s a great option for multiple projects since it can be loaded with a variety of trash to be hauled away at the end of your project.

Alternate Housing

Many people live through renovations without a problem if they plan ahead. Unfortunately, emergencies arise even when you’ve planned things extensively. A water pipe could burst, or the heater could break down causing you to leave the home. Have an alternative housing plan in case of emergencies.


Organizing the renovation will help avoid problems during the process, but be prepared for eventual problems and communicate with your contractors as soon as you notice a problem.


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