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DIY – Making Duvet Covers

DIY – Duvet  Covers

The process of doing and creating something from scratch – Do it yourself (DIY), is a popular way of showing off and letting your creative juices flow.

Here, you can always personalize and choose the kind of fabric that you can use from the preferred size to the quality of the cover.

Below are Easy ways anyone can follow in making and sewing your very own Duvet Covers.

What you need:

-Preferred fabric style, design and length

-Tape Measure


-Straight Pins

-Sewing Machine

-Iron and Ironing Board

Choosing your Fabric

You can use any fabric you prefer, though preferably it is advisable to use machine-washable duvet covers. Before starting anything, all you need to do first is to wash, dry and iron the fabric

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Planning & Cutting the Fabric

The size of the fabric that you will be using will depend on the size of the comforter you wanted to cover. Before cutting your fabric, make sure that you have the right size so you know how to push through with the next process.

There will be instances that your fabric is smaller than the one you are trying to cover but you don’t have to worry, you can fix that by sewing the fabric seamlessly.

Another tip to remember: Remove the selvedge edge of the fabric; if you wish not to remove that part be sure not to include that part from the measurement. The measurement includes the back cover too, so whatever the size you calculated you need to double that up so you can cover the back part too.

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To begin with, be sure to pin the fabric so when you started sewing the fabric would stay still.

Then place the fabric wrong side together to the sewing machine and start sewing. Next, iron the other side of the seam this time you have to make sure that the fabric are facing together.

Iron the sewed part again and repeat the process connecting the back and front cover.


Once the parts of the duvet cover have been properly sewed it can be use as it is. For added design, you can include some details like adding buttons on the upper part of the fabric or zipper for closure.




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