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Disguising Your Home Tech: Making a Living Room Livable

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TV, telephones, and other such gadgets are common in every home. You can’t imagine your living room without either of these things and more. While all are important, the problem is when the cables are lying around haphazardly. They mess up the living room, making it look shabby. Here are a few ways in which you can disguise your home tech and make your living room livable.

Use Accessories that Match the Living Room Décor

One way to conceal cables in the living room is to use accessories that match the living room décor. For example, you can use cable sleeves using canvas tube or flexible nylon material. All that you have to do is slip the sleeve over the cable and they are hidden.

Use Cable-Tunnel Organizer for Internet Cables

While Internet cables are essential for the smooth and efficient running of your network, the cables makes the room look uninviting and unorganized. Open cables lying around can cause accidents and any dangers should be taken care of. Taking measures to hide the cables prevents most accidents. You can hide cables using cable-tunnel organizer. When you have high speed internet from installed, the technician will install the organizer and keep the cables covered. The organizer will be screwed to the wall to keep the wires off the floor.

Hide Telephone Cables with Plants

The potted plants in your living room are great for hiding the telephone cables. These cables are necessary but unavoidable. To hide the cables along with the plants, measure the height from the floor to the cable box. You will need pots that are approximately three fourth the height of the cable and telephone box. Buy plants that have wide leaves so that the telephone box and the cable box are completely hidden. Place the pots in front of the boxes. Adjust them so that the cable boxes and the cables are not visible. You can seek the help of the technician from your home phone provider to do the work properly.

Color Code the Cables

Just so you know which cable is for which gadget, color code them. Segregate them according to their color and length. Determine their source of origin and clean them. Tie the cables with nylon sleeves of various colors according to the color of your cables. This will be effective in hiding them, while also organizing them. You can also run the cable wires behind desks or along walls. Keep them organized using mounting bases, twist locks, and cable clamps. This will keep them secure in one place. If you have a carpet in your living room, then you can hide the wires underneath the carpets, out of high traffic areas.

We all have need of our outlets and home wiring systems these days. It is important to take steps to make sure they are all secure, out of danger and disguised so daily life doesn’t become tangled in a multitude of cords. Use these tips for disguising cords in your own home.

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