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Design Inspiration: Tips To Get You Started On Transforming Your Home

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Sharing design inspiration with each other increases creativity

Need a few tips on how to freshen up your home? Here are a few well-known decorating tricks that top designers use to revamp a space. Get inspired by following these design savvy tips:

Use Paint to Create a Room’s Atmosphere and Size

Maximize a space by choosing the right paint colors. A smaller room can feel somewhat cramped. But by painting it a lighter hue and strategically placing a few mirrors, it will give the room the illusion of more space. On the other hand, dark paint colors make a room feel much smaller in size and more boxed-in.

design inspiration
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Buy New Furniture to Alter the Look of a Room

New furniture can instantly update the feel of a room. Tired, worn furniture brings down the vibe in a space and doesn’t feel welcoming, while new pieces draw people in to relax. Also, it’s important to properly place all furniture for good traffic flow and pleasing aesthetics.

Wallpaper, Paint, or Stencil Your Bookcases

Want to instantly modernize and revitalize a set of bookcases? It’s remarkable how something as simple as paint can instantly change the ambiance in a space. It’s fun to use paint in unexpected areas in order to turn up the “wow” factor. The interior of a bookcase is an ideal spot to paint, wallpaper, or even stencil because it’s small, inexpensive, and creates enormous style.

Mix a Variety of Styles, Colors, Patterns and Textures

Like the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to good design. Try to incorporate a transitional style in your space. Transitional style is simply a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture, materials, finishes and fabrics that result in a timeless, chic, classic design. Furniture lines in transitional style are simple yet sophisticated that feature either rounded profiles or straight lines. The fabrics are diverse with intricate patterns on overstuffed furniture and textured weaves on smooth wood frames.

Decorate With What You Already Have

The quickest way to reinvent a space is to simply rearrange what you already have. Because the elements are reorganized, it will feel new and fresh even though you’ve had the pieces for quite some time. Also, it’s fun to use items in a much different way in which they were intended. For example, stack attractive luggage to create an interesting end table or use an elegant tea cart for a sofa table. It lends character to a space.

Textures and Textiles

Use a variety of different textures and textiles in a room to make it feel sophisticated but comfortable. Wicker baskets come in various styles, shapes, and sizes and add a great deal of storage to any room. Baskets can easily store books, toys or blankets while making the room feel warm due to their rich texture.


Inspiration can come from virtually anywhere. Pull a room together with objects you’re passionate about and style that excites you.


Informational credit to Design Center Furniture.

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