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Dejunking Your Home: Six Ways to Help Your Home Feel Tidier

A tidy home feels more relaxing, looks more spacious and is a home that you feel comfortable inviting guests into. In order to make your home look and feel tidy, you may need to devise a dejunking plan. The following six ideas can help you achieve the tidy home you desire.

Create an Organized Entrance

The area near the door that you and your family enter most often has a tendency to become one of the more cluttered areas of your home. To make that space look neater and function better, you can use wall hooks, a wall shelf, a coat rack, a bench seat with storage or a storage cubbies to create an organized space.

cleanliness is godliness

Clear the Kitchen Counters

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look tidier is to clear off your kitchen counters. Remove small appliances that you seldom or never use. Use baskets or bowls to corral small items. Do not leave bags of food lying on the counters.

Organize the Living Room

One of the best ways to dejunk your living room is to clear out everything that doesn’t belong there. With an entire family using this one room, without careful monitoring, it can become a catch-all for an assortment of items. Add some storage baskets and storage furniture to the room so that you can keep games and gadgets, electronic devices, remotes, magazines, toys, and numerous other things stored out of sight.

Clean Out the Closets

Guests might not see your closets, but you deal with them daily. Go through them, toss out or donate everything you no longer use or need. Organize the items you return to the closet. You can add shelves, boxes, baskets, hooks or an entire closet organizational system to help you gain control of your closet space.


A  Ridy Bathroom

Add hooks and shelves to the bathroom to keep the counter free of clutter. Keep only a minimal supply of personal items and beauty products. Toss out any items that are out of date.

Additional Storage

You can gain extra storage by renting a storage unit. These are great for storing seasonal clothing, holiday decorations and sports equipment. They are an ideal way to keep your home and closets clutter-free, according to Extra Space Storage. Storage units can also be a helpful way to store items outside of your home before taking them to a second-hand store or dump.

It is very refreshing to walk into a home that looks tidy, especially if it’s your home. You will love the spacious appearance of organized rooms and the beauty of an uncluttered home.


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