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Five Places People Often Miss When Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Your House?

Check Out Five Places That People Often Miss

What does a “deep cleaning” of your home entail? Different people have different standards of cleanliness. Some people have a keen eye for detail that allows them to spot a dust bunny from a mile away; others can be basking in dust bunnies and somehow fail to notice them. Even the most detail-oriented clean freaks tend to miss the following five spots even when they’ve set out to deep-clean their home from top to bottom.


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Ceiling Fan Blades

Few people think to grab a ladder and clean the tops of their ceiling fan blades. They should! Dirt, dust, and grime build up on fan blades. What happens when the fan is turned on? That’s right, it showers the room with all of that built-up dirt.

Tops of Tall Furniture

Armoires, refrigerators, canopy and bunk beds … just because you can’t see the dust doesn’t mean it’s not there. Most home owners take an out of sight, out of mind approach to their cleaning, and often miss some the biggest dust traps in their homes.


Just as many people fail to clean what’s above eye level, they also fail to clean the lower reaches of their homes. Baseboards are often ignored in the cleaning process. But as anyone who has ever taken time to clean one knows, they’re usually filthy. Most homes have baseboards in every room so it’s no wonder they don’t want to tackle this mighty chore. That’s why it’s smart to enlist professional help during a deep-cleaning. Companies like Maid Brigade tackle the truly dirty jobs for you.

Beneath Beds

Again, what isn’t clearly visible is often overlooked during cleaning. Most beds are outfitted with dust ruffles that hide the view of what’s under the bed. Problem is, “dust ruffles” don’t keep the dust from building up under the bed. Dust bunnies seem to reproduce in the dark untouched under-the-bed region.

Behind the Toilet

Why is it that grime and filth seem to build up behind the toilet? When someone sets out to deep clean her home, she typically spends much of that effort scrubbing and sanitizing the bathroom. The toilet is, predictably, scrubbed, bleached, and polished to a lovely shine. But the hard-to-reach tile behind it is a gathering place for hair, dust, ooze from the toilet’s wax ring, and all kinds of germs. It’s an unpleasant area to tackle, but a necessary one.

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