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Decorate Your Home in the Traditional Style

How To Decorate Your Home in the Traditional Style

The smell of fresh linen, the classic look of patterned textures and the warmth of a crackling fire are all associated with a traditionally-styled home. This decorative style is old-fashioned but not rustic, appearing more classical and refined. Traditional design provides a sophisticated atmosphere while giving a practical feel. To properly decorate your home for this particular style, you should know its history, typical elements, and be aware of the right textures and designs.

History of 19th Century Home Interiors

Modern traditional style homes are very much similar to the interiors of upper-class homes in the 1800’s. Sleek wood borders lined the walls, accompanied with ornamental wallpapers and a small touch of a Victorian feel in the furniture. Although nowadays, you do not need to be wealthy to decorate your home as such. The current style is slightly different, having modern gadgets, trinkets, and furniture adorning the various rooms. The modern classical look brings culture to any home.

The Importance of Using Real Wood in Your Home

To give your space that classical feel, using real wood for your floors, cabinets, and furniture is a must. Wooden features and accents provide a warm, relaxed feel for your home while adding a genuine traditional aesthetic. You should not use chip or fiber board for laminate floors if you live in a hot, wet climate, as the floor will buckle and warp over time. While it is cheaper to have installed, real wood lasts much longer and provides a more authentic look for your home. The type of wood you should use also depends on your location. A common wood type, especially in the United States, is White Pine, which gives a softer feel to your home. For a stunning and classic look, Eastern white cedar will achieve both. Wood textures, complemented with a fireplace, lend a warm and undeniably classical ambiance to any room.

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Discovering The Right Theme

Finding a proper color scheme is important before decorating so you can add the right atmosphere without being too outrageous. Rich colors on modern pieces are a great idea to add a little pop. Patterns are also fine as long as there aren’t too many in one room, as that would clash with the style. They go well on anything, from furniture to intricate vases. Popular patterns for a traditional home are floral, paisley, and classic winding lines that form diamond shapes. Always make sure to add your own twist to any room with classical accents and original use of colors.

The classical design has only grown more beautiful over the years and adds a certain charm to any home. Compositions of wood textures and complex patterns set the theme for any space. With proper designing and arranging, any home can obtain the traditional style.

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