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Interior Decorating: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home


If your home is old and outdated, you can give it a new vibe by updating key components in specific areas. Although most home renovation projects are expensive, there are five projects that can be tackle on a budget.

Paint the Countertops

Painting old countertops is an inexpensive way to cover scratches and blemishes. The process of painting is quite simple. The basic steps are sanding, priming, and painting. While sanding, never use a rough grit sandpaper. A medium or fine grit sandpaper is recommended. When painting, use a spray paint because a paint brush will leave brush marks on the counter.

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Repaint the Home

Painting the exterior of a home increases the home’s value and enhances curb appeal. However, by painting the interior surfaces, indoor air quality will improve dramatically. Paints that have low VOC reduce harmful odors and fumes so that everyone can breathe healthy air.

If a home has plaster walls, applying a fresh coat of paint can minimize dirt and dust problems. Because high-quality paint has key ingredients, heavy dirt never builds up on the surfaces.

Place Wallpaper on the Walls

At most stores, wallpaper is sold in numerous colors, designs, and patterns. Some wallpaper companies also manufacturer paper that can be painted.

Since wallpaper is easy to clean, it is a nice solution for kids’ rooms. Manufacturers apply a special coating on their products so that stains can be wiped away effortlessly. Also, whenever intense scrubbing is required, the wallpaper design will not fade. Typically, wallpaper will not require heavy cleaning often because the designs will hide smudges and dirt.

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Another benefit is that thick wallpaper can cover blemishes on a plaster wall. When compared to a coat of paint, wallpaper produces better results.

Decorate With Area Rugs

Area rugs can be used to define a space or to separate specific areas. If you plan to buy many rugs for one room, every rug should be a different size. When similar sized rugs are placed in one space, the entire room will appear smaller.

Install New Carpeting

Installing carpeting is a wise choice because carpets are durable and soft. If your home receives plenty of foot traffic, a carpet can handle it. Thanks to new advancements, today’s carpets can resist all types of stains. Carpet manufacturers also make carpet much softer. This is possible because the newest products made with efficient fiber, backing and weaving technologies (Source: Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home).

By tackling any of these home renovation projects, you can redecorate key areas without spending tons of cash.


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