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Here you can write blogs/articles on Home Decoration. Home Improvement tips, interior decorations and related topics.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • You post should be original. Content which are already published in to other websites will not be approved,
  • Content Published in our site cannot be submitted any where else – our moderators will remove your post immediately if you do not abide.
  • The Post should be purely Niche specific and to the point.
  • Do not use excessive keywords in your content.
  • Please use images and mention the credit of the image, to avoid copyright issue.
  • A minimum of 500+ words per post is required.
  • Proofread you posts for spelling and grammar errors before submitting.
  • All the pictures in the post have to be sent by email to me.
  • You must include a Author bio for your post with your submission (2-3 sentences). You may include 1 link to your site in the author bio and 1 link to a social media profile such as Twitter or Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Write For US

  1. Andrew Patrick

    How can I submit my post on your website.

    1. Blog-Admin

      You may write directly to aparna@b3net.org

  2. Amelia Ksora

    i want to submit a guest post in this site. do you allow guest post ?

  3. I want to share some tips about home design. Do you accept a Guest Post?

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