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Construct an Atrium to increase the Aesthetic Appeal of your Home

Thinking of a way which would make the design of your home stand out from the rest in your locality? Or something which would increase the aesthetic value of your house by ten times? Including an atrium might be the answer you are looking for.

Although they are making architectural headlines in recent times, an atrium was one of the principle features in ancient Roman houses. Modern day atrium is a large space located within a house which provides light and ventilation. It is usually covered with glass panels, has a glazed roof and large windows, and is as high as the house itself.

Coming to the part of decorating the atrium, your choices are plenty. Proper lighting and drainage system is a must. A gravel-filled floor is a popular choice. You can add water bodies, sculptures, and benches keeping in mind the size of the atrium. In case of plants, gardenias, azaleas and camellias suit very well to the conditions. For ground cover, you can go for ivy, ajuga, dichondra and periwinkle.

It cannot be possible that a structure built inside a house is just for show. Building an atrium has its own set of benefits.

#1. Highly Functional: During a sunny day, an atrium is the perfect source of light and warmth. An atrium can also be designed to angle light into the house at different hours of a day. It can be a perfect place to spend some quiet peaceful time without even having to go outside the house. Moreover, an atrium can be a great choice to hold official as well as informal gatherings.

#2. A Symbol of Refined Taste: A great-looking atrium is surely going to be the highlight of your home. Mainly placed at the center of a home, it attractively divides the house into two or more parts (depends on the design). A great place to grow plants, an atrium can also serve as an indoor garden. Having its lineage from ancient Rome, a properly decorated and well-accessible atrium is a symbol of class and elegance.

All the crazy ideas coming to your head about constructing an atrium will only turn to reality if you take the help of professional custom home services. These are complex structures and need careful planning. Hire the professionals, let them know what you want, and see your dream evolve into existence.

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