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Why You Should Consider New Windows For Your Next Home Upgrade

Why You Should Consider New Windows For Your Next Home Upgrade


One of the first things to do when upgrading your home is replacing your windows. Old windows can be dangerous, ineffective and unattractive. The following are good reasons to change your windows when you’re upgrading your home.


Old drafty, single pane windows are one of the first things you should replace when doing an upgrade to your home. The money you will save on the cost of heating and cooling your home will pay for the windows in no time.

Image Source : myhomeinthevines.files
Image Source : myhomeinthevines.files

Noise Reduction

If you live in the city, on a busy street, or near an airport and have old windows, noise can be a serious problem. Upgrading to laminated or dual-pane glass windows can reduce noise transmission significantly and make your home quieter and much more peaceful.

Better UV Protection

If your carpets, artwork, drapes, and furniture are fading too quickly, the problem could be your windows. Household items and things made with organic fabrics can fade rapidly when exposed the ultraviolet rays. Replacing your old windows with new ones that are energy efficient and can help to filter out UV rays, will reduce fading and help your furnishings, household, and personal items last longer.

Improve Security

Over time, windows can begin to become troublesome to close or lock properly. This is not only a nuisance and an energy-waster, it is also dangerous. Windows that don’t close and lock properly can provide an easy entrance point for thieves. They can lead to accidents with children and the elderly. They also allow pollen and other allergens to enter the home and sicken people with weakened immune systems. Upgrading your windows can address all of those concerns.

Consider Casement Windows

Casement windows close tightly and minimize air infiltration better than gliding or double-hung windows. Their dual compression seal system, many perimeter locking points, and weather strips create an excellent seal which makes HVAC systems more efficient and effective. Casement windows are great to use as part of natural ventilation strategies. Gilkey Windows are an excellent choice for window upgrades.

Replace Rotted Windows

Old, rotted, windows leak, stick, are unsafe, and make your home look bad. Windows that are rotting and falling apart should be replaced immediately with safer, stronger, more energy-efficient ones. They will save money and improve the home’s curb appeal.


If your windows are old, not operating well, allow UV rays to stream in unimpeded, and aren’t energy-efficient, now is the time for an upgrade. There are many benefits of updating your windows, and it’s a great place to start with upgrades.




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