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Tips in Choosing Colors to Paint Home With

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Here are 4 Helpful Tips in Choosing  Colors to Paint  Home With

Choosing a paint color for your home can be a fun process, but if you are not sure what to choose, it can also be a frustrating. If you are ready to paint your home, here are four tips you can use to find the color that works best for you and your family.

 Know Your Local Restrictions

In some neighborhoods, there may be a restriction on what colors you can use to paint the exterior of your home. These restrictions can be imposed by homeowner’s associations, historic districts or other zoning laws. If you live in one of these restricted areas, the office of the group that monitors these issues should be able to provide you with a list of approved colors you can paint your home. Not all areas have these restrictions, so it is important to check before you start painting.

 paint home

Think About the Resale

A home is a big investment, so if you are planning on selling the home within a few years of buying it, you may want to pick a more neutral color scheme. Color can make or break the curb appeal of your home, so wild colors may not attract a buyer to your home as quickly as you expect. Tan, light blue and white are the most common colors that allow the house to stick out from the landscaping without it looking too much like a sore thumb.


Play with Accent Colors

The easiest way to get a pop of color without painting your exterior bright orange is to put brighter colors on your exterior accents. These accents can include gutters, shutters, window frames and doors. Here you can use bright spring colors, deep reds or anything else that you like. If you are looking to sell your home after a few years, it will be much easier to paint over the smaller accent color than it will be to repaint your whole house.

 Have Fun When You Paint Home

For homeowners with no restrictions, having fun should be your priority with painting your home. You will want to choose a color that you love and that you will want to live with for a long time.

Choosing a paint color may seem like a simply task, but you will really want to determine what your needs are and how you feel about each color choice. That way, you can enjoy your home, inside and out, for years to come.


This article was inspired by Solution Construction Inc., a Beaverton, Oregon Painter.

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