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Coastal Charm: How to Design Your Own Look

Coastal Charm

Get The Coastal Charm Look : How to Design Your Own Look

Whether you live on a sandy ocean, a rocky bay, or are landlocked and beach-less, the nautical look is a creative, yet classic way of decorating your home. Decorating a home is like putting together a puzzle, and when it comes time to give your existing space a facelift, there are several pieces you’ll want to consider.

Coast Location
To start, think about your theme. The classic New England coastal feel looks great in a traditional Colonial or Cape Cod style home, while a more streamlined simple ranch style can provide the perfect template for a tropical look. If you’re renovating your home along with redecorating it, be sure to get a North Vancouver custom home builder who can incorporate architectural detail with your home decor plans. Some details might be stair railings or white wainscoting.

Coastal Charm
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Wall Wish List
The cornerstones of your coastal look are the walls. As the first thing that meets the eye when entering a room, the paint or wallpaper sets the tone for everything else. To go for the classic look, try a light blue or cream wall color. A tropical theme can feature a bit more color in the walls. A darker hue of blue or green will fit the bill and give a closer depth in the room. In either case, ivory or pure white look great for accents like molding. Most importantly, remember that you’ll have to live with whatever color you pick for your space – if you’re unhappy with the first color you picked, don’t be afraid to try a different one. Paint samples are great when deciding on a color scheme, because they give you a better idea of what the finished wall will look like, than paper paint chips.

Furniture Fanfare
Once you’ve painted your walls, consider how your existing furniture coordinates with the theme. A dresser painted with a pop of color in a Caribbean themed room adds depth and interest to the look. A clean-lined white dresser will accentuate a traditional Northeast style. Are your armchairs low and reclined for a beach look, or straight up and down wicker? Choose carefully so the theme stays tightly knit.

Accentuate the Accents
After the basics are taken care of, it’s time to accessorize your coastal look. Been on any vacations at the shore lately? Frame a print of the trip to remember it by, while also pulling together your newly redesigned space. Seashells are also beautiful accent pieces in a glass dish on the mantle. Use smoothed stones as paperweights or book ends. Your beach keepsakes will help identify your room theme.

Most importantly, don’t forget to consider your personal preferences. Find different pictures of styles in blogs and magazines before you redesign. Find out what home renovations in North Vancouver, or South Maine will work best, and talk to experts before going ahead. Pick the best of what you find to create a charming coastal look that makes you love your space!


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