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Clean Your House From Items Available In Your Home

We all love a completely organised and spotless house but nobody wants to spend a lot of time cleaning and nor do we want to spend excess money on numerous house cleaning products that are marketed nowadays. A house cleaning routine can get more hectic then ever if a certain detergent runs out and you have nothing to sparkle a certain surface with. This articles aims to solve all your cleaning problems by suggesting to simply combining a few everyday ingredients to result in chemical free, cheap, eco friendly and high quality detergents. Other then the techniques below its always advisable to stock lemon, vinegar and baking soda at home as these are the main ingredients for effective cleaning.

Here are a few DIY recipes to get rid of the toughest stains:

Use Coke To Clean The Toilet

Any stains that your toilet is full of can be completely removed without a trace with the help of one of our favourite drinks, Coke! Simply take a bottle of Coke and pour it in the toilet circulating it around the rim so it reaches everywhere and then allow it to sit for at least an hour, if you have time then do this at night and allow the drink to work its magic overnight. If your stains are already removed then amazing, but some persistent ones may require some scrubbing after which all you need to do is flush and your stains will automatically disappear. You can clean home with latest cleaning tips and decorate with photos printed onto canvas.

Use Vinegar To Clean The Showerhead

There are more important places then the shower head that require cleaning and we hardly ever notice how this very important little piece keeps getting mineral deposit build ups until one day it starts to clog or the deposits become very visible and disgusting. A safe way to remove the mineral deposits is to simply unscrew the showerhead and place it in a saucepan, next fill the pan with white distilled vinegar until the showerhead is submerged. Next place the pan on low heat and let the liquid simmer, making sure it does not boils, do not remove your eyes from it, the head must float and not sink as it can melt. Once the deposits have been removed allow the liquid to cool, wash the head and screw it back on and the water should easily flow now.

Use Mouthwash To Remove Germs From Laundry

Its not very often that clothes are filled with mud or have been worn for a swim in a river or have gotten blood on them etc. but when such kind of things happen there needs to be something slightly acidic around which can ensure that all germs are thoroughly removed. On these occasions especially purchasing certain chemicals can be quite expensive but using mouthwash along with regular detergent can turn out to be a very excellent laundry aid.

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