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Choosing the Perfect Front Door

The front door of a house or apartment make the first impression of the entire space it leads to. Since we all know how first impressions matter some would even say that you can tell what kind of person lives inside a home just by looking at the front door. It’s not only the visual impression that matters but also the dimensions of the door in comparison to the facade. The overall impression should ensure a non-disruptive smooth entrance in the home.



Front doors can be single or double. They can be a combination of hinged and folding leafs. They can be safety doors or ordinary doors. They can be made out of metal, wood, plastic, or many materials combined. There are many criteria by which you can choose your front door but you should always keep in mind other crucial elements that make both the interior and the exterior of a home.

Depending on the material chosen for your door, there will be slight or major deformations due to their exposure to the elements. Climate changes lead to the change of the dimensions of your door’s materials. It is important to know that wooden products stretch out in wet circumstances while metal and plastic products change shape through various deformities conditioned by high and low temperatures.

If a door is made out of different materials, they will each act in their own way when it comes to deformity. The bigger the difference in temperature from both sides of the door, the bigger the pressure will be on the leaf. This also goes for doors made out of one material.

While purchasing a door, it is important to choose a reliable, experienced retailer that has mastered the technology of production and uses the right construction. This will ensure that the deformities are minimal and the quality will be guaranteed for a certain number of years.

Fireproof and Soundproof Doors

Fire resistance is a crucial aspect in any front door. When building a household object it is usually conditioned by the necessary number of minutes of fire resistance, which is a minimum of 30 minutes. These doors are also recommended for objects and spaces that aren’t conditioned by fire safety regulations.

Besides fire safety, another important aspect is sound isolation. This can be customized and agreed upon with your retailer, if they are making a customized door for you. The strength of sound isolation, measured in decibels, depends on the position of your home compared to traffic and other sources of noise. A 35 decibel sound isolation door will satisfy most households.

Safety doors are always a good option since you never know when you will need to rely on the strength of your door. Pay attention to the price as well, cheap safety doors can’t guarantee the necessary quality. Safety doors are often made to be fireproof and soundproof as well. They will probably be a bit more expensive than others but they will completely satisfy all the functions a front door should have.


Last but not least, choose the right design of your front door that fits in to the design of the facade, the exterior and the interior of your home. Some modern trends in door design include mahogany and cedar doors. This choice is up to you so take your time and browse through many designs available at your local retailer.


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