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How to choose a water dispenser

How to choose a water dispenser

Able to instantly dispense cold or hot water, water dispensers are incredibly convenient and are common appliance in many homes and offices. They come in a variety of designs, shapes and designs with many different dispensing options depending on the design or manufacturer.

So, what should you look for when choosing a water dispenser? Choosing the right dispenser for your needs may be an overwhelming decision to make as there are literally hundreds of water dispensers to choose from. However, we have narrowed down some features that you should look out for to get the right and perfect water dispenser for your home or office.


What is your budget? The price range for water dispensers is quiet expansive, therefore having a budget will help narrow down the options you have. Depending on the design and features you want water dispensers can range between affordable and expensive. If you just want a simple water dispenser then you can go for the affordable ones while those with advanced features and designs will need you to dig deeper into your pocket.

Energy Efficiency

Most electric appliances in the market today including water dispensers are rated according to their energy efficiency. Highly efficient dispensers not only contribute to environment friendly practices but also cost less to maintain in terms of utility bills. They may cost a little more than less energy efficient dispensers but the savings they accrue in the long run are substantial making this an important factor to consider.

Countertop vs Freestanding

Depending on the available space in your office, you may have to choose between a countertop and freestanding water dispenser. You need to get more convenience from your water dispenser not just dispensing hot or cold water. Therefore a convenient, easily accessible location will determine if you go for the countertop water dispenser or a freestanding one.

Design and style

Traditionally, water dispensers were of similar design and style with a clear water bottle sitting over the water dispenser. However, the designs have greatly evolved and now dispensers come with different storage options. You can choose between hidden bottle designs, bottle-less, base storage or point-of-use designs depending on your needs.

How much water do you need?

For models that use bottled water, each water dispenser will have its own water capacity. This is an important consideration to make depending on the number of people that will be using the water dispenser at home or office. Most dispensers accommodate between 3 and 5 gallon water bottles which is ideal for most homes. However, if water consumption is generally higher like is in the case of large offices then it is advisable to go for a point-of-use water dispenser to optimally supply and meet each user’s water demands.

This guide hopefully helps narrow down your options when making a decision on which water dispenser will serve your needs best. Design and style plays a bigger role in making the decision because you need a water dispenser that can fit in easily with your other appliances. Also, there are other aspects of convenience you should look at. If you plan to have your water dispenser where there is heavy traffic then a point-of-use model will eliminate endless bottle replacements to save costs and time. The amount of available space also determines whether you go for a freestanding or countertop water dispenser. What is most important is for the end users to derive the highest convenience from the water dispenser and therefore whatever option you settle for, go for the one that gives the highest level of convenience.

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This is a guest post by Lynn Genah, the editor over at Top Best Specs.

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