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Subtle Touches to Create a Home Filled with Chic and Glamour

Subtle Touches to Create a Home Filled with Chic and Glamour


You don’t have to go to extremes to add chic and glamour to your home. As is often the case, it’s the subtle decor elements that can have the greatest impact in a room. Browse through some photos of houses that have been decorated for celebrities and you’re likely to see some decorative elements that you can include in your home to give it a touch of glamour. Improvising to recreate decor aspects that you see in celebrity houses enables you to decorate within your budget without compromising the end result.

Image Source: 123RF
Image Source: 123RF


Hanging an exquisite chandelier in a room can instantly add a touch of glamour to the atmosphere. A small chandelier can be included in your bathroom decor, hung in a girl’s bedroom or used to draw attention to a specific area of a room. Copper lighting such as copper hanging pendants or colored glass pendant lights will bring a hint of glamour to a room.


You don’t have to add a lot of accessories to a room in order to acquire a chic and glamorous atmosphere. Wallpaper, such as the modern and transitional designs available these days can make your home look as exquisite as the celebrity homes you see in magazines. As an alternative to wallpaper, you could include a wall mural in your decor. Murals that depict flowers, city skylines and impressive architectural designs are an excellent way to make a room more glamorous.


Exploring the diverse selection of mirrors available will reveal an extensive variety of mirrors that will add glitz and shine to a room. Gold mirrors, in any size or design, are a stunning decor feature. Hang a mirror in an area of the room that lacks luster and the space will be transformed from mundane to spectacular. You can find Macy’s coupons and promo codes to save on a number of decorative mirrors.


Accent tables and chairs are a great way to add a chic element to a room. Small, quirky tables can be an eye-catching feature in a room. An accent chair with graceful curves or upholstery that contains a hint of gold are a subtle way to add glamour to a room.

You only have to add a few subtle touches to your home to create a chic and glamorous atmosphere. Focus on colors such as black, white, gold and silver to get the shimmer and shine that epitomizes beauty. Decorative glass vases filled with fresh flowers can make any area of your home more glamorous.

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