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‘Chandelier’ the Most Beautiful Feather You Would Like to Add in Your Cap

Buying a chandelier to add a luxurious presence to your home is a great idea, but how about getting a little information about them before you dive into the market to buy one! Chandeliers are ceiling-mounted light fixture which consists of complex arrays of glass or crystal prisms. These decoration accessories have been used since medieval times by the rich as a symbol of status and wealth. It is a simple task to ask help from famous home decorators such as Home Decoration USA and let them take care of everything for you. But I believe some of us would rather choose to buy something on their own just for the fun of it.

Well, there are many types of chandelier:

  • Adam style: A neoclassical style, light, airy and elegant chandelier.
  • Bag: A bag of crystal drops formed by strings that hangs from a circular frame and ultimately looped back into the centre underneath.
  • Baluster: A turned wood or molded stem forms the axis of a chandelier, with alternating narrow and bulbous parts of varying widths.
  • Bead: A glass drop with a hole drilled right through.
  • Candelabra: Candelabras are candlesticks, usually branched, designed to stand on tables, or if large, the floor.
  • Candlebeam: A cross made form two wooden beams with one or more cups and prickets at each end for securing candles.

Also there is Drip Pan, Drop, Dutch, Festoon, Finial, Hoop, Moulded and more than twenty other types available in the market now.  These beautiful pieces of decoration add a wonderful ambience to your house and extend the impression of luxury. But you must carefully pick the size that would be perfect for your home and also keep in mind about the light emission scale. Analyze your home and most certainly the room where you will be hanging the chandelier; then decide whether a vertical or a horizontal piece will be suitable.

Never pick a big piece for a small room, it will look absurd and out of place, and I suppose you don’t want that to happen do you? Experts believe a 17″ to 20″ diameter chandelier is good for a room smaller than 10′ by 10′. And if the room is about 12′ x 12′, a 24″ to 27″ chandelier would be suffice. You can choose between metal creations such as brass, wrought iron, silver and steel or flaunt with Stone, beads, shell; elk or deer embody to bring out the playful look.

So, go out to the stores and burn a few hours and you might end up getting just the thing you have desired.

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