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Caring for Your Hot Tub: Six Things To Do Before Winter

Although you may enjoy a hot tub dip during mild weather, cold winter weather often drives you inside until spring arrives. Autumn is the perfect time to winterize your hot tub. Before it gets too cold, you can perform basic cleaning procedures so the tub is ready for immediate use in the spring.

Clean The Water

Your hot tub’s water runs through filters to keep algae at bay, but oils from sweat and lotion products slowly build up along surfaces and plumbing. Use a cleaning solution, including approved degreasers, in your hot tub water. Allow the cleaner to run through a normal jet cycle to move it across all surfaces. A thorough manual cleaning is still necessary after water drainage, but since you cannot reach all the tiny hot tub crevices yourself, using a solution in the water first is a great idea.

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Remove That Water

Turn off your hot tub jets and remove power completely by pulling the plug from the outlet. Attach a hose to your drain valve. Position the opposite end of the hose near a drain to remove water safely. Allow the water to flow from the tub through the hose. Because of the many crevices at the bottom of the hot tub, you may want to use a submersible pump to expedite the water drainage process while removing water from those foot wells.

Filter Time

Filters trap all the debris that falls into your hot tub. Locate and remove all your filters and clean them with an approved cleaner. Lay them out to dry before you store them for the winter. Any damaged or used-up filters should be replaced by visiting an online spa dealer, including Soak up any water left in the filter crevices using rag towels or use a wet vacuum to suck the moisture out. Leaving water trapped inside the hot tub leads to mold buildup.

Clean Your Jets

Water trapped in jets needs to be blown out with a wet vacuum nozzle. If any of the jets do not work, find replacement hot tub jets online to get a great deal. This will ensure your tub is ready when spring comes.

Polish It

Use an approved acrylic polish to clean your hot tub before winter storage. You can quickly fill the tub in the spring for instant relaxation, rather than spending time cleaning away mineral buildup.

Cover It

Place a sturdy cover over the spa and keep it closed until spring. Any debris or pests that enter the tub may damage it or its internal parts. There are a number of different options you can choose from based on the type of hot tub you own. Most can use either a hard top or soft top option. While hard tops provide better protection, a soft top will typically be less expensive. In making your decision, take into account how much snow your area gets as soft covers won’t necessarily survive the weight of heavy winter storms. Whatever you choose, make sure the cover is well-secured.

It is critical to prepare your hot tub before winter to avoid water freezing in pipes. Take time out of your autumn schedule to fully service your hot tub for years of future use.

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