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Cabin Essentials: What to Think About Getting For a Second Property

Cabin Essentials: What to Think About Getting For a Second Property


A cabin as a second property for weekend getaways or annual vacations can be a version of paradise, but to completely enjoy a second property, owners must be properly prepared. No one wants to get to their vacation spot and be stuck without something they need. There are a couple essentials every second property should be equipped with.

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Compact Grill
One of the best parts of staying in a cabin is being able to relax and enjoy nature. A compact grill allows everyone to enjoy a nice dinner prepared outside on the grill then to easily stow away the grill when not in use. A full sized grill can sometimes take up too much space in a cabin, especially in a small cabin with little storage space. A compact grill can also be taken inside for storage so that it is safe while not in use or the cabin is not occupied. It is also easily transportable so you can take it with you on those hikes or down to the lake.

Snow Equipment
Cabin living often comes with seasonal recreation, be it winter or summer. It can sometimes be difficult to get in and out of a cabin with good road conditions, but when snow hits, it can be nearly impossible without good  snow equipment. Snow blowers from Toronto and plows are a necessity for any cabin in colder climates. Proper snow equipment helps ensure that a safe path can be made to and from the cabin and that occupants are never stranded in the cabin.

Transformer Couch
Since cabins are often compact in overall size, a transformer couch makes a perfect place for guests to sleep. These couches are great for lounging on, and can easily be turned into a bed for guests at night. This type of couch makes it easy to accommodate more guests, and when they are not around, it makes a perfect place to sit and relax while watching TV.

Concealed Storage Spaces
A large amount of storage rarely ever comes with cabins, but it is possible to decorate and incorporate storage pieces all at the same time. Concealed storage spaces can come in many varieties including a chest of drawers that look like stacked firewood, or a chest of drawers that looks like a bookcase. Storage should be creativity snuck into a cabin anytime it can be. Use hanging organizers so you can see all your equipment, and be sure to protect all storage from the elements or pests.

Furnishings Implanted With Fixtures
Cabins are often the home to unforgettable gatherings and parties. Anytime a large group of people get together for a good time, household fixtures can be in danger. All it takes is one slip or bump and a lamp can go tumbling to the floor and break. Furnishings implanted with fixtures take away the guesswork of whether your smaller pieces will survive the night by incorporating the fixtures into the furnishings. It is harder to knock over furnishings implanted with fixtures than fixtures alone.

These cabin essentials are just a couple of many that every cabin should be equipped with. The best way to enjoy a cabin or second property is by being prepared and not having to worry about an item that got forgotten.


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