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Did You Just Buy a Fixer-Upper? Here are Four Upgrades to Invest in Now

For those homeowners who have purchased their first fixer-upper, there are certain upgrades that should be considered a priority. Getting these important projects behind you will ensure that serious repair issues don’t present themselves unexpectedly. This paves the way for more routine remodeling projects.

Roof System

Although roof systems are certainly inspected prior to purchasing a home, further investigation may reveal issues that should be dealt with, sooner than later. Investing in new asphalt shingles, or considering an alternative material such as metal roofing, might be the best course of action. For those homeowners who live in areas that are subject to severe weather, there is no substitute for a solid roof system.

Termites and Infestation

Homeowners who have invested in a fixer-upper need to make certain that there are absolutely no issues regarding insect or rodent infestation. A professional exterminator in Stockton should be contracted to thoroughly inspect the home and determine what, if any, issues are present. Termites that go unchecked can cause irreparable damage to a home, and rodents will almost always cause problems with electrical wiring and other cabling systems.


New homeowners should have a qualified plumbing contractor inspect all aspects of a homes plumbing system. Deteriorated components may fail at any time, and could cause damage that will require emergency repairs. Being proactive will ensure homeowners that there will be no expensive surprises looming over head. A thorough inspection of the water heater should be a part of this important project.

Heating and Cooling

Furnaces and central air conditioning units that may have been neglected will prove to be an issue unless properly serviced and maintained. Although replacement may be necessary, homeowners should begin by having professional HVAC technicians inspect existing equipment.

This is especially true for a furnace. Systems without service records should be inspected immediately. This should not be limited to the furnace itself, but should extend into the brick chimney, or other exhaust system.

For either heating or air conditioning, emergency service calls can be extremely expensive and are generally inconvenient. Qualified professionals may suggest upgrades for both units.

Making initial upgrades on a fixer-upper will prove to be a cost effective decision for any homeowner. Upgrades that are a necessity will ensure that the home is running smoothly while other renovations are attended to. Without the need for emergency service calls, there is more room in the budget for cosmetic improvements.

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