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Building a Barbecue Pit in the Backyard

Constructing a barbecue pit in the backyard of your house is a great way to enjoy the summer months. The backyard barbecue pit can also act like a traditional barbecue, and the backyard eventually becomes the favorite spot to hold evening get-togethers with friends or family members sitting around the pit, and taking equal delight in the mild warmth of the fire and open-air cooked succulent pork ribs.

Constructing a barbecue pit is easy. Once you have all the supplies, you can finish the pit in a day and start barbecuing in the evening. So now, let us take a look at how you can set up a barbecue pit in your backyard by yourself.

#1. Pick a place in your backyard which is far away from the house, trees and bushes. Remove any flammable material from the ground in a 10-foot diameter circle.

#2. Dig a hole of 2 feet in length and 2 feet in width with a shovel. Try to keep the edges of the pit as vertical as possible. A pit with a depth of 12 inches is ideal.

#3. Fill 4 inches of the pit with pea gravel. This will make it easier for the pit to drain after rainfall. On top of the gravel bed, shovel in 4 inches of sand. Top it with a little more gravel to secure the base.

#4. Place bricks or cinder blocks around the perimeter. However, do not use mortar or adhesive in order to secure them. The weight of the bricks or cinder blocks will be enough to hold the structure together. Moreover, the gaps between them is needed to facilitate air circulation through the pit.

#5. Place wood and charcoal inside the pit and start the fire. Once they are burnt down, place a grill rack across the top layer of the brick or cinder block structure. It is now ready for your first barbecue.

In these few simple ways, you can turn your backyard into a perfect place to hang out with everyone waiting eagerly to taste the chicken wings, corn and pork chops slowly getting cooked over charcoal ashes.

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