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Want to Get Away? 5 Reasons to Build Your Own Vacation Home

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Here are  5 Reasons On Why Should You Build Your Own Vacation Home

You’ve found the perfect vacation spot, and take your family there every chance you get. You are visiting the spot so often, it would make sense to take up a permanent second residence. Here are five reasons to build a custom vacation home—that is, if you need more convincing.

 Customized Design

The first compelling reason to build a vacation home in your favorite getaway spot is that when you build instead of buy, you have complete control over the design of your home. You can decide how big to make it (big enough for the kids now, and the grandkids in the future) and where to put it (in a secluded spot away from the other family-owned vacation homes). The only way you will find exactly what you want in a vacation home is if you build it yourself and use custom home builders like Sartori Custom Homes.


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  • Cost of Living/Building


If the cost of living in or construction in your desired vacation spot is lower than where you live now, it may be a good opportunity to build.

For example, the average cost of electricity in 2011 was cheaper in Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, and India than in the United States. The costs also fluctuate between states within the US. If the cost of living in your favorite getaway spot is cheaper than in your permanent residence, you could actually save money living in your vacation spot.

 Repeated Visits

If there is a getaway spot you visit often, building a home will keep you from consistently having to find and book hotel rooms. Hotel rooms usually don’t have kitchens, so having a vacation home will allow you to cook at home, rather than eating out every meal.

 Financial Investment

Depending on where you choose to build your dream vacation home, it may be a wise real-estate investment. Once you and your family are done with the home, you can sell the property to anyone else looking for a prime vacation location. Or, you can rent the house to tenants while you are not using the property.

In order to make your dream vacation home a good investment in the long run, be sure to pay attention to location, building materials, and other things that will affect the value of your home. Here are some things that make real estate a great investment:

  • All real estate is high-risk, but some options are less risky than others. Try to reduce the risk in your decision by doing proper due diligence (reviewing reports, analyzing, and testing of the property).
  • Make sure the land is in good shape. If you build on the bank of a river, the house may be susceptible to damages from flooding. Research the climate and weather patterns before purchasing a plot of land.
  • Don’t turn your property into a timeshare; they are harder to sell.

More than a Home

When you build a vacation house, you are building more than a home. You are also building a spot where your family can gather for years to come. It’s like they say: Families who play together, stay together. This isn’t just a clever phrase; it is actually backed by research. Of course, building a vacation house isn’t going to guarantee family unity, but the memories you create in the home may do just that.

A vacation home lets you spend time with your family and get away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Get started today on your dream vacation and start reaping the benefits of having a personalized home away from home.

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