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Benefits of wind chimes – How to hang a wind chime on siding?

Benefits of wind chimes – How to hang a wind chime on siding?

Wind chimes are one of the most effective ways that can add a decorative value to your home. The wind chimes also create a soothing sound to the area they are hanged in. however, the sound quality i.e., tinkling effect of this decorative piece is generally determined by the spot you choose to hang them on and the material of which the wind chime is made of. Generally, these chimes can be hanged in the bedroom, study room, kitchen, balcony, and outer area. However, siding is another best spot that can spread the tinkling sound to the entire home. If you are using the wind chimes for the decorative purpose then what is better than positioning them on the sidings? If you are wondering about how to hang a wind chime on siding then follow the listed steps to find out the answer.

In the recent times, the wind chimes are designed of bamboo/wood, metal, and ceramic. Some of the major benefits you can get from the wind chimes are as follows:

  • Decoration – although wind chimes were mainly observed hanging in the ancient temples and Pagodas, the same has been recently found in almost every home, office, restaurants, buildings, and several places. In the earlier period these chimes were designed of bamboos and woods but nowadays, the metals, glass, and ceramic are widely utilized to create the same.
  • Feng Shui – apart from the decorative purpose, the wind chimes are also used to benefit the mental and physical health. These chimes are mainly known for spreading the chi i.e., positive vibes and maintaining the peaceful environment.
  • Soothing ambience – the glass and metal chimes create the tinkling sound when these metals strike to one another. This tinkling sound is not limited to create a peaceful surrounding but the same takes you to the atmosphere where you can experience the chirping sound of birds, the rippling of ocean waves, and gushing sea water.


So if you desire to sense the above-mentioned sounds and experience the positive and motivating vibes then the deep tone wind chimes can turn out to be the best possible ways to get the same.

How to hand wind chimes on siding?

The spot you desire to locate the wind chimes plays a vital role in determining the sound quality you can get from it. Usually, most of the people prefer hanging them in the trees and siding to avoid unnecessary disruption. Here I am presenting some tips which can assist you to hang the wind chimes easily on your walls and sidings:

Steps 1 – in order to hang the wind chimes on the siding wall of your home, mark the spot you want to position the chimes on.

Step 2 – reach the marked area through stepladder and drill a hole on the same. Insert a hook in the drawn hole and turn the same into the clockwise direction to thread it. Make sure to hold the thread straight while fastening the hook in it to make the hook hang appropriately on the thread.

Step 3 – once you have cited the hook, take the wind chimes and hang the loop placed at the top of the wind chimes to the hook.

Step 4 – your wind chime is now hanged to the siding. The last step is to push the same to ensure if they are provided with enough space and they can swing without striking to the nearby objects.


This way you can easily hang your wind chimes to the siding and enjoy the brilliant twinkling sound produced by them. Although siding is the amazing spot which can let you hear the wind chimes effectively, hanging this decorative piece in the inner section of your home or near trees can also let you experience its beauty. So what are you waiting for? Get a beautiful wind chime, hang it on your siding, and fee the nature.

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