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Benefits of installing Exterior Glass Walls in your Home

Exterior glass walls have been a popular part of commercial buildings since the mid-20th century. As time passed, the use of glass walls in houses started becoming prominent too. However, this use was strictly kept to the indoors – that is, using glass walls in kitchens and bathrooms. People still relied on wood or brick to be the material used in building the exterior walls of their houses.

Over the past few years, things have started to change though. Modern homeowners have grown a fascination with using glass as the material for the exterior walls of their houses. Let us have look why exterior glass walls in modern houses are gaining such widespread preference.

#1. An Open Feel

An exterior glass wall brings in an incomparable feel of openness and freedom. Simply put, exterior glass walls make us feel less cramped. These walls also make it possible to have a clear view of our surrounding outdoors.

#2. Keeping a Watchful Eye

Exterior glass walls give you the ability to see what is going on outside your house. This is especially applicable when you need to keep a close watch on what your kids are doing in the yard. For example, you do not have to sit outside in the sun to make sure that your kids are playing safely; you can do it easily from the comfort of your drawing room couch.

#3. Natural Light

One big advantage of using exterior glass walls is the free access to natural light. Your house will have increased lighting by making the best use of sunlight which eventually will reduce the use of electricity and result in energy and financial savings. And for your information, if natural light is utilized in the correct way, over 40% of energy consumption on lighting can be saved.

#4. Cost Effective

Many people are of the opinion that as glass walls look expensive, it’s going to cost a lot in installing them. In reality however, this is not true at all. The reason why installing exterior glass walls is cost-effective is because they do not require any modifications of the existing structure of your house.

#5. Making a Statement

All right, let’s be truthful! Everyone of us wants to be unique, and the exterior glass walls will bring you that exact opportunity. Friends and neighbors will envy the modern and clean look the glass walls have brought to the entire house.

Safety is also not an issue and you do not even have to install security cameras. Toughened glass and Laminated glass are two options you can go for. These have great resistance level and give you ultimate protection from any outside interference.

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