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Bathroom remodeling trends of 2013

Though bathrooms are one of the most frequently visited rooms in a household, it has only been in the past couple of years that they have become a place where homeowners can express style and beauty. Luxurious and well-designed bathrooms have been a rage of late, and the trend continues to turn the boring old bathroom into a beautiful place meant to ease the tension out of even the most stressed shoulders. Homeowners across the globe are transforming their outdated bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries, and there are a few trends that have become particularly popular this year.


Bold Colors

Break out of the mundane and enter a world splashed with colors. Bring life to rooms with rich, saturated color that will make your bathroom stand out against the rest. Even bathrooms with more traditional elements like lighting and faucets will look brand new with a freshly painted wall or two. Be careful though, bold colors can be overdone. Always remember that subtlety is key, and you’ll be on your way to a very stylish bathroom.


Large Multi-Head Showers

Luxury is in right now, and large multi-head showers not only provide a spa-like experience, but also allow for comfort and room when it’s time to get clean. Turn your every-day routine into a relaxing and luxurious experience that will ease the tension out of even the most stressed-out individual’s shoulders. In today’s fast paced society, large showers are quickly replacing bathtubs in many homes, and it’s no wonder why.
Large Shower


In-Floor Heating

Not only will in-floor heating decrease your heating bill, but it will also help add a bit more to the spa-like luxury feel of your bathroom. No longer will you shiver your way in and out of the shower on cold winter mornings. Your stone tile floor my look beautiful, but you’ll add a great deal of comfort to your home when each tile isn’t doing its best ice cube impression.


Designer Lighting

Lights are a vital part of any room, so make sure they stand out as well. Glamorous designer lights are currently all the rage. They are functional in providing a room with light, while simultaneously being beautiful to look at. Many well-designed light fixtures can even double as a work of art.


Quartz Counter Tops

Because it’s easier to maintain than granite countertops, Quartz is quickly becoming the go-to material for both bathroom and kitchen counters. It’s wonderful for anywhere that might possibly get wet, and is extremely simple to clean and take care of. Best of all, it comes in a variety of designs and can look nearly identical to granite. For people who need quick and easy to take care of countertops, but want the classic look of granite – Quartz is the countertop material for you.

Contact your local bathroom remodeling and renovation company today to see what can be done to turn your home into your own personal little slice of heaven. Remember to always contact a contractor that is familiar with your area’s design codes, who will also allow you to let your imagination and creativity show. Never settle for normal and boring, stay hip with the trends and create a bathroom that you’ll be excited to use.

Lee Mash is the proud owner of Everhart Construction, a custom home renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling company in Houston. He has over 25 years of home renovation and construction experience, and is dedicated to helping people create their dream homes, one room at a time.

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