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Bathroom Grout Cleaning Tips

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement and water that dries fast, becomes very hard and is used for keeping ceramic tiles. It also prevents water from spilling. Grout is usually white, therefore it’s prone to getting dirty fast. And even though it’s just a detail in the bathroom that we don’t usually pay attention to, it does make a difference when it looks poorly maintained and dirty. Cleaning grout takes some time but it’s worth it, since a bathroom looks much better and freshened up after that. Here are tips on how to clean bathroom grout fast and effectively, without spending hours and hours of scrubbing.

Easy Home-Made Grout Cleaner

There are some cleaning products you can find on the market but they are usually very chemical and harsh. If you want to avoid the use of super harsh chemical-based cleaning products, you can always choose to use a more environmentally-friendly cleaner. Here’s our suggestion on how to make a grout cleaner. It’s a cheap way to handle the situation. To make the solution, you need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a spray bottle. Mix one part peroxide with one part water, put in the spray bottle and here you have an effective, easy and cheap cleaner. Using this solution, you can easily clean mould from grout. Spray on the affected areas without rinsing. Using bleach is another method but it’s not recommended, since it’s a strong pollutant and very harsh, so it might even make grout turn yellow. Spraying this home-made peroxide solution regularly can also prevent your bathroom from forming of mould.


Clean Grout Using A Toothbrush

An old toothbrush has many uses and one of them, which you can apply very effectively, is to clean tile grout. Use your old toothbrush and a cleaning product. This is a widely-known method but it takes a bit of time. If you have an old electric toothbrush, that might be a better solution.

Another Home-Made Recipe

There is another very effective home-made recipe that you can make and clean grout in your bathroom. What you need for the solution is ¾ baking soda, ¼ bleach and an old toothbrush. Mix the products until they form a thick paste. Apply it to the dirty areas and let it stay there for about ten minutes. Scrub the lines using a toothbrush, so that the paste can enter deeper. Wait another five to ten minutes and rinse. It’s easier to use a hand-held shower head but in case you don’t have one, you can use a wet cloth. Keep in mind that when it’s wet, grout gets a bit darker. So, in case it doesn’t look white and shiny and you’re not completely satisfied with the results, wait till it dries.

Green Home-Made Recipe

In case you want to go green, there are a few methods you can try. You can prepare a solution, using one part white vinegar and one part water. Mix them and apply the solution to the grout. Let it sit for ten minutes and scrub with a brush. Another solution you can make at home and reach the same results is a paste of baking soda and water. Use it in the same way. You can also try with lemon juice, applied on a sponge. Let the solution sit for about ten minutes as well.


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