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Bath and Cash: Six Ways to Remodel your Bathroom on a Budget

Most homeowners are aware that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to keep up in order to maintain or increase a home’s value. While a complete remodel of a bathroom can break the bank, there are several ways to give a bathroom a makeover without spending a fortune. Here are five of the best methods.

1. Replace Hardware Instead of Entire Fixtures

If your bathroom is looking worn around the edges, try replacing the hardware to give it a fresh look. A shiny new faucet on the sink or bathtub can completely change the look of a small bathroom. Doorknobs, drawer handles and hinges are all simple and affordable to replace as well. Replacing hardware is a fair compromise when you don’t have the money for that large fixture upgrade.

Bath and Cash, Six Ways to Remodel your Bathroom on a Budget

2. Let a Little Tile Carry You Away

Ceramic tile looks great and requires little maintenance, which makes it a great investment. You don’t have to tile an entire bathroom from floor to ceiling to reap the benefits. Instead, select a certain area of your bathroom to install tile, or tile one wall but only part of the way up. The addition of texture and color will enhance the look and feel of the room. Wall tile is extremely characteristic and adds a unique feel to the room.

3. Keep Up with Plumbing Maintenance

It may not sound like a way to change the look of your bathroom, but keeping up with plumbing maintenance is an important part of keeping any bathroom functional and free of unsightly water stains. For help with scheduling and budgeting plumbing maintenance, use aids like the home management software from HomeZada or any of the many new apps available to help organize your remodel.

4. Refinish Dingy Fixtures

If your bathroom features once-beautiful antique fixtures that have seen better days, refinish them rather than replacing them. You can restore the integrity of an iron bathtub or sink with a simple re-glazing. There are a number of combinations of household items that you can use to treat porcelain tubs.

5. Paint the Ceiling or Floor

Everyone knows that a little paint can go a long way. Have you ever considered painting the floor or ceiling of your bathroom? Changing the color of your ceiling from white to a light color that compliments the rest of the room can open the space up in amazing ways. Likewise, a little fresh paint on a dingy wood floor adds refreshing color to the space.

6. Play Tricks with Mirrors

Staying in budget on a bathroom remodel might seem like a magic trick. While adding smoke to the equation is never a good idea, the use of mirrors for optical illusions might be exactly what a bathroom needs. Mirrors can update and decorate a small bathroom as well as create the illusion of space. Add decorative mirrors to the wall opposite the sink or replace the vanity with a framed mirror.

Your home represents a significant investment. When you care for it properly, it becomes a valuable asset. Try some of these tricks for updating your bathroom. Every home needs an attractive, comfortable bath. Although updating and decorating this room can become expensive, these ideas will help you stay in budget.

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