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The Basic Checklist for Finding the Right Roofer

The Basic Checklist for Finding the Right Roofer

With global climate patterns giving rise to more inclement weather, every homeowner in the US is realizing just how important their roof is. As the primary layer of protection against the elements, a durable system is one of the most effective safeguards that our properties have from physical damage and other risks.

With the industry suffering a labor shortage, finding reliable professionals and being able to pick out quality roofers amid the average will come in handy.

Do not assume any roofer will do. There are many costly repair and maintenance jobs you can avoid by getting the job done right the first time.

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As such, look for these qualities when you go hunting for contractors:

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

License. Different states have different rules regarding licensing, but two years of experience is usually the required minimum for your contractor to be licensed. A financial statement may also be included. Check your state’s labor department to know about your area’s specific requirements, as well as to view a comprehensive list of licensed roofers in your state.

Bond. A contractor’s bond protects you from unpleasant consequences deriving from contractor fraud or mismanagement. Some states require roofers to be bonded before they are given a license.

Insurance.Your contractor should also be insured to protect yourself from liability damage in case something goes awry on your project. Like bonds, roofers must be insured in almost all states in the US before they can practice their trade.

Certified, Accredited, or Committed to Continuing Education

A certification from trusted roofing manufacturers such as GAF is also a good sign that you have found a good roofer. Certified contractors are also trained in the best installation practices, and as such, can ensure the full functionality of the products.

Choosing roofers that are certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association is also a good choice. The NRCA requires their members to adhere to established industry codes and regulations to protect you and other property owners. In addition, they offer programs and courses to further roofers’ industry knowledge and expertise.

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Has a Deep Portfolio

In my experience, I’ve have found that each roofing project is unique. Homeowners have needs that are specific to their own homes, geographical locations, and goals – which is why we never employ a one-size-fits-all philosophy in the way we provide our services.

Your chosen roofer should have a similar work ethic. A deep portfolio, in particular, is recommended. Installing, repairing, replacing, or maintaining different roofing systems for several properties lends a nuanced understanding to the roofer. And, you are more assured of getting the results that you want.

Prices Fairly

Lastly, sign with a roofer that prices fairly. Now, fair pricing does not automatically mean the lowest pricing. A good roofing contractor is one who gives you a breakdown of all the costs involved, which will save you from any costly surprises throughout the duration of your project.

Your chosen roofer should also put everything discussed in a contract. This way, both of you have a reference document if you encounter difficulties.


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