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Minimalistic home décor ideas

Minimalistic home décor ideas Minimalist décors always make a statement if done right. There has to be a balance when going minimalistic. Maintaining the fine line between keeping it minimum to keeping it less. Keeping it less means there is not enough to make the space fell well. Keeping it minimum means having just the…

4 tips to upgrade your kitchen

4 tips to upgrade your kitchen A kitchen is one of the essential parts of any household. It is where families congregate and have conversations while they cook, it may be where a doting mother cooks for her family or where a couple exchange sly glances while making dinner together. If your home is slightly…

Make Your Small Rooms Look Bigger

small rooms turned bigger

Cramped spaces have always given me the claustrophobic feeling. A feeling too nauseating to be equaled to being confined within the uncomfortable prison cells. This can only be explained by the fact that in small space everything counts. Even a pen lying on the floor will seem to be clearly visible to the eyes. Luckily,…