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3 ideas for logical arrangement with strange furnishings

Three ideas for logical arrangement with strange furnishings

Take a look at these three different ideas for three styles of arrangement and you should take an easier pick for the decor of your home. From the objects on the walls and the ceiling in the living room, to the choice of strange rugged outdoor furnishings for a flawless outdoor experience – leave yourself to the imagination and, for example, let`s begin from the windows of the living room.

Ensure plenty of sunlight

It`s essential to ensure plenty of sunlight to enhance the light effects of every piece of furniture. Even the slightest changes of your old furnishings can provide a little bit of a strange and new look, while moving furniture is the perfect way to ensure an easier cleaning in the meantime, like the rug or carpet cleaning.

Rotate the sofa or place it in the opposite corner of the room with an imaginary view of the sunlight so it`s sufficient for reading, as well as soft enough for daydreaming or relaxing. Because of that, first make sure to ensure a perfect direction and power of the natural sunlight.

The perfect way to reduce the light is to place some strange objects right in front the windows. Yet the curtains are a typical and old-fashioned way to control the light. The effect should be greater if you select the right objects and to arrange them in the right way directly onto the window sill, especially if it`s larger and wider like a shelf.

Image - iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto


A great idea is to use objects like simply pots with tall flowers, which stems and leaves will refract the light in a truly extraordinary way. Or else, use strange decorative elements like a tall handmade vase, small decorative pillows, porcelain cups, wooden figures, etc. Not to mention that the windows cleaning should be easier, than cleaning pots with flowers and soil. You don`t have to remove curtains or other windows coverings during the spring cleaning as well, while enjoying a beautiful and fresh outlook of your furnishings by rearranging only a few objects in front the windows.

Decor with a custom made cabinet and desk

For the sitting room or the working area – decor with a custom made cabinet and desk! They give that little sense of abstraction especially when they`re painted in a strange unusual color, which makes them to look like they are made out of strange unusual materials.

For instance, a desk with yellow and white colors is a great idea to keep in mind when you want a clean and sophisticated look for the working area. Continue with another logical arrangement like a large wood side table that looks like another desk. If you want to clean it quickly – choose a table with light and soft colors again, like white and blue. One it alters the coziness and the comfort of the room, and two it shows easily when it needs to clean.

This effect enhances when the room has larger windows that sprinkle sunlight through the entire room and beyond. The nighttime is also as important as the daytime and so you may want to add another strange piece of decoration to the ceiling too. A large branching light with a multitude of LED lights is a great idea, especially when it looks like a branch of a pineapple or apple three when lit.

Image -iStockphoto
Image -iStockphoto

Apply strange decors for the walls

Apply strange decors for the walls, for example, with bold stone textures or a strange mix of paints with irregular shapes and textures. Every single tiny little piece of imperfection on the walls appears larger when it`s illuminated from above, so you can create wonderful effects for the nighttime too. Just place another piece of a strange furniture right next to the wall, for example – a lounge chair upholstered in large textured leather, which redefines the final shapes of the logical arrangement. For more ideas visit this website.


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