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Apartment Therapy: How to Make Your Space More Efficient

Apartment Therapy: How to Make Your Space More Efficient


An efficient space can be cleaned fast and easily. If you struggle to clean your home every day, there are easy ways to tackle vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting in a shorter amount of time. Each procedure can be implemented in a home or in a Summerside apartment for rent.

The Floor
If you spend hours cleaning your floors every week, consider installing stained concrete flooring that has a protective seal. A nonporous seal is highly recommended because it makes mopping and sweeping a snap. Besides concrete, wood and laminate flooring are also great options. If you prefer wall-to-wall carpeting, only install it in places where you usually go barefoot.

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The Walls
By choosing a quality paint and a proper finish, you can clean stains off your walls with ease. Because high-end paint is made with durable ingredients, the color will stay on the walls while during intense scrubbing.

Upholstery Fabrics

All furniture pieces should have durable fabrics. Leather is a popular option since it is easy to clean. When liquid spills on leather, it can be wiped within seconds. However, if you have kids, avoid ivory leather material because it easily stains. Go with a thick upholstery that can hold up over years of wear and tear.

Slipcovers are helpful because they are removable and machine-washable. If you plan to buy custom slipcovers, select fabrics that are tough and strong. Renters Guide recommends having the designer wash the fabrics before sewing them together.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean On A Budget
Once you have clean floors, walls, and furniture, cleaning your kitchen counters and accessories is the next step. Typically, traditional cleaning tasks can be tackled on a budget. Baked soda is a cheap, non-abrasive cleaning solution. By mixing it with water, you can make your pans, pots, and counters sparkle like your floors, without spending a ton on cleaning supplies.

Other Home Efficiency Procedures

Although a clean home is an efficient home, there are other efficiency tasks that are worth considering as well. By making your home energy efficient, you can save a lot of money each month. However, before you can tackle this task, you must find out where your home’s energy efficiency level stands. To gather this information, you will need an energy efficiency audit. Next, seal any leaks that are found throughout your home. If you use your HVAC system in a poorly insulation area, your energy costs will spike every money. Usually, the worst leaks are found in the attic or basement.After your home is properly insulated, invest in a programmable thermostat because it will manage the home’s heating and cooling schedule more efficiently.

Overall, efficiency is very important because it helps you keep your home clean and your energy costs low. With these simple cleaning steps and tricks, you’ll be able to keep your space clean at half the cost.


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