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Amateur Decorating: How to Design Your Bedroom Space

Design Your Bedroom Space

Decorating your bedroom is about creating a haven that beckons rest and relaxation. Your bedroom should serve as a retreat that helps with unwinding at the end of a busy day, nurtures blissful slumber through the night, and encourages lazy Sunday mornings spent in contented comfort. The following tips will help you to easily create a bedroom that provides an escape into your own private sanctuary.

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Serene Scenery

When deliberating on a decorating theme, take a moment to reflect on when, and where you have felt the most contented. This could be those summer weekends spent at the shore, a log cabin retreat on the lake, your last trip to Paris, or your tropical honeymoon. Recapture the locale by bringing that image into the bedroom as your decorating theme, and borrowing all of the colors and elements that create the scene.

Balance of Color

When selecting the colors from your theme, remember that the neutral hues will give the illusion of a larger room, as well as reflect natural light when used on the walls. Bright colors make a captivating impact on an accent wall, and infuse dramatic pops of color when chosen for throw rugs, toss pillows, lamps, blanket throws and other accessories.


Bedroom Defining Focal Point

Creating a focal point out of the bed emphasizes the bedroom’s primary role, and draws the eye to a symbol of comfort and coziness. A king size bed with a premium quality mattress will provide the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep, and its size evokes a commanding presence for a focal point. Splurge on a complete bedding set to dress up that king size mattress, and display fluffy layers of inviting comfort. Choose a puffy down comforter, and a pair of pillow shams with a pattern that reflects your chosen theme. Select additional shams in a solid color, and secondary pattern that compliment those of the comforter. Pile on the pillows in an attractive arrangement, and then strategically place a few toss pillows of varying sizes and shapes for accent. To emphasize and frame the focal point, paint the wall behind the bed in a color that will differ from that of the remaining walls, and then hang pictures over the bed and a pair of wall sconces over each nightstand.


Let There Be Light

Choose soft lighting for dresser lamps, and overhead fixtures to keep the room calm and soothing. Save the brighter bulbs for reading lamps. Adjust window dressing each morning so that the room is flooded with warming natural sunlight during the day. Select window treatments such as curtains that match the bed comforter, shades or blinds that match a color or wood within the room, or sheer panels for a light and airy look.


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