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Adore your Door

If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t paid too much attention to the doors of your property of late. After all, when you think about doors, there’s not much to consider is there: they open and close and that’s it, isn’t it? Well, actually no – it’s a greatly underappreciated fact, but doors actually play a very important part in both the aesthetics and function of a home, and whether you’re renovating or thinking about selling it’s actually worth putting a bit of thought and money into choosing the right doors for your property.

 Estate Agents often talk about ‘curb appeal’, which is the first reaction people have to your property when they look at it from the roadside. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so when you consider that the first thing people are going to do when they visit your home is knock on the door, it’s fair to say that your choice of door is going to have quite an impact on visitors. Most people are relatively house proud anyway, so they’ll naturally want to have a nice looking front door, but if you want to sell your home a good front door is a must.

 Of course your choice of front door will largely be down to personal taste. One of the great boons for the modern door buyer is that nowadays you can cheaply create custom made doors. This means the only thing you’re really limited by is the size of the space your door has to fit in – almost everything else: materials, colours, designs, can be made to your own personal specifications. However, regardless of your own specific preferences, it’s always worth making sure that your choice of door suits the style of your property – there’s nothing more jarring than seeing a modern door on a period property or vice versa and it will instantly get visitors or potential buyers asking questions about your taste.

 There are two other things you’ll also need to think about when choosing an exterior door – the level of security it offers and how weather proof it is. Again, this is where it’s advantageous to choose a custom made door, as they offer you the ability to design your door to meet your exact requirements.

 Although interior doors aren’t as important in terms of making a first impression, they still play a big role in shaping the aesthetic feel of your house, and custom made doors again allow you to create pieces that perfectly suit your interior design scheme. Interior doors’ functionality in terms of retaining heat and stopping draughts is also something you should consider, as their design can add value to your property and save you valuable pounds in utility bills.

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