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Add Some Colour to Your House With Crushed Glass

Did you ever give crushed glass a serious thought while planning for an innovative idea to decorate your house? If not, this is high time you plan for that. This have the amazing power to do a complete face lift to your old house. This does not only add a splash of color but change the persona of the house completely.

Your house should reflect your taste, sense of style, love for art and to top it all, your love for your house. Tiny elements like, different kinds of tiles, pebbles, materials of floorings, laminations can do that. Of late, crushed glass has managed to get a decent position among them. They are being used to decorate rooftops, mulches, etc.

Colored glasses are used for the purpose and in many cases, they get coated wit colorants after the work is done. While seen from a distance, the crushed glass coating looks like a layer of stained glass or sparkling tinted resin chips. The crushed glass for decoration can be chosen from a wide variety of colors. They are often used for adding a regal look to the roof, an amazing fresco or a nice mulch for your garden.

Crushed glass can be coated with colors after the decoration is complete. This will make the area look like a decoration made with colored stones. On the other hand you can choose them in a wide range of transparent colors. That will give a nice opaque look of the decor. While choosing the colors, try not to remain too obsessed with your favoritism. It is a wise decision to take advice from experts. Try to select pigments that are highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and weathering.

Underside color is a recent trend that is being accepted by experts these days. The benefit of this particular format of coloring crushed glass is, the color remain visible through the pieces of glass when the upper layer of color gets abraded.

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