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A Unique Way to Display Your Wedding Photos

A Unique Way to Display Your Wedding Photos

There are many couples who move into a new house after their wedding day, and some who already share a living space. But, moving into a home together and figuring out what to hang on the walls can be a challenging experience.

Decorating the walls of a new home requires being able to think creatively.  Most people think about choosing paintings and prints to hang on the walls of each room, but there are also unique ways to use photographs as well.

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Most couples already have a few favorite photos of themselves together from special occasions or trips they have made. Those photos can either be displayed individually, on in wall groupings, which are called photo galleries. These type of arrangements have become very popular.

Your wedding photography is something very special that you, as a couple, will treasure for the rest of your lives. So, why not choose to display your wedding photography in a non-traditional way?

You could look through all your photos and select a couple of them that are very personal and romantic, and you could have them enlarged into one or two large wall murals.

Your living room, bedroom or hallway are good places to consider putting up murals.

Photos that are made into large murals can make your home decor very unique and modern. However, you will need to take into consideration the size of the rooms and how much space you have.

There are several choices in the type of materials used for murals. Some are made from photo paper, some of wallboard vinyl and some are made of polyester fabric. A few murals can be made of removable materials. The removable type can stick to wallboard, metal and glass.

Through the use of murals, you will be able to share some of the best images of your wedding day with anyone who comes to your house.

Sometimes large wall murals can be visually more powerful than smaller framed prints.

Murals are a unique way to take something very personal and meaningful photographs from your wedding day and display them in a visually exciting way.

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