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A guide to understand the skill for air conditioner installation

A guide to understand the skill for air conditioner installation

The technicians or the installers of air conditioners must have the technical skill for the optimum performance of the system. It is a known fact that the system contains component like the refrigerants that release fluorocarbons that is dangerous to the environment. It is for this reason that the technicians have to be licensed and qualified to perform their task efficiently. If you do not have the professional installers to get your air conditioning system installed, then there can be further problems regarding the channelization of air into the rooms, and you might also suffer from additional electric bill amounts.

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Licenses for different types of air conditioning systems

  • The Floor air conditioner that is quite simple in its operation does not require any training as it can be plugged directly into a wall socket. But a split system that consists of two components needs a licensed technician for its installation.
  • Since the installers of air conditioners handle refrigerants, it is very important to adhere to Australian standards to practice safe work in such installations. It is compulsory that the technicians hold one or two types of licenses.
  • There are two types of licenses, one is related to full refrigeration and the other is restricted to just the installation of heat pumps.
  • The technician with full license is authorized to install, to do the service and maintain the air conditioning unit. The duration of the license and the work done on the basis of license are hassle-free in the long run, and you do not have to suffer from any leakage or breakage of walls or any part of your house, as the system gets installed.

Types of skilled technicians

It is mandatory that the technicians of the air conditioning systems are trained and qualified. It is the trained professionals who have the expertise in installation and maintenance services.

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  • There are some technicians who have the adequate qualification for refrigeration, mechanical and air conditioning systems inclusive with the boilers.
  • There are others who specialize in either domestic or commercial installation. They are capable to work in almost all the sectors.
  • The installers who represent a certain brand are specialized in that particular installation. They therefore represent a high-profile and branded air conditioner.
  • There are air conditioning services that recommend technicians who are specialists in a range of services like for instance the fire detection systems, up gradation and control systems. They also are the masters in assuring quality in the new systems as well as inspection and testing of the systems.
  • The mechanics or the technicians of air conditioning are qualified to their trade where they can assemble, repair and maintain both domestic and commercial air conditioning systems.

How does an air conditioning installation epxert work to maximize the functioning of the air conditioner?

  • The technicians use design specifications or blueprints in order to either install or repair HVAC system. They use their skill to connect systems like fuel and water supply and also duct systems.
  • The installation of the electrical wiring is done by the qualified technicians and it is their additional duty to check and test the proper operation of the system, along with regular check-ups of the component of the air conditioner
  • They are the ones who can accurately determine the HVAC system and the use of energy to make required recommendations to improve the efficiency of the unit.
  • It is the prime duty of the technicians to repair, maintain and install the system but there are many who specialize in important aspects like the radiant heating systems, commercial refrigeration, testing and balancing as well as handling the solar panels.


The professional technicians are supposed to follow certain rules and regulations of the government regarding the recovery and recycling of refrigerants. If you are curious to know more about then go through this link to get specific detail from our expert.



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