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8 Ways to Incorporate Glass Tile in Your Kitchen

Glass tile can be incorporated into your kitchen to add beauty and creative flair. No matter what your decorating style or color preference, you will be able to find a glass tile that suits you. Here are seven ideas for adding glass tile accents to your kitchen.

For ideas 1-5 below, you may want to use a process similar to this for glass tile application. Glue tile pieces to the your selected surface. Next, use grout and press it between all tiles. Wipe the glass and edges free of grout with a damp sponge. Let this dry fully, and you have a gorgeous new addition to your kitchen.

1. Breakfast Tray
Take any breakfast tray, one you have on hand, or one you pick up at the thrift store, and get creative. Paint the tray to match your glass tile, and then add tiles to the inside surface of the tray covering it entirely. Set a date and invite friends over for brunch to show off your cute tray.

2. Potted Plant
Using a square or rectangle pot, apply tiles around the outside for a fun accent to your kitchen. You can apply tiles to one side and spray paint the others, or apply tiles to all sides to make the pot really stand out.

3. Mirror
Mount a small mirror on a larger MDF placemat, in whatever shape you wish. Add the tile treatment to only the surrounding board. Use the mirror as a statement piece on an empty wall in your kitchen.

4. Table Top
Go all out by using glass tiles to cover an entire table top! Or, just cover a console table if you want to start small. What a great way to add color to any room.

5. Frames
You can apply glass tiles to frames; large or small. Large, glass tiled frames can be hung on a wall, and small, glass tiled frames can be used as a centerpiece or to decorate a side table. Another unique idea would be to place a glass tiled frame as part of the decor above the cabinets (if your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling).

6. Coaster
For this project, you can buy a sheet of glass tile of your choice, cut out a coaster-sized piece, and mount it on cork board. Fill it with grout, wipe clean, and let it dry. Repeat until you have the number of coasters you desire.

7. Backsplash

The backsplash of a kitchen can really set the tone for the kitchen workspace that you are in. A good backsplash will help you to feel more comfortable in your kitchen environment. Glass tile usually goes well as an accent to other stone in a backsplash, but an all glass tile surface goes well with certain Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Tropical styles.

 glass tile  glass tile

Image Credit: Centura Tile of Edmonton

8. Chandelier 
Let your creativity take over! You can start by finding a chandelier at a thrift store or yard sale. Replace beads or crystals with glass tiles. If you are savvy with design, you could build a glass tile chandelier from scratch! The possibilities are endless.

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