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8 Types Of Shower Screens And Their Uses

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Not only is a shower screen a necessity that keeps your floors safe and keeps them dry from the water, but upgrading your shower screen could perhaps be one of the easy and unique makeovers you can give your bathroom well and the best part is it fits under your budget. There is a multiple option available to choose from when it comes to shower screens that give your bathroom a completely new look.

In this informative article, you’ll get to know about the different kinds of shower screens available in the market and choose the best one:

  • Framed shower screens: A very popular choice for busy family bathrooms, framed shower screens are made up of aluminum frames that support panels that are made up of glass and provides full enclosure. Coming to the specialty of these screens, they fit in perfectly in any bathroom and secondly, they are perfect for being a budget-friendly option for families.
  • Semi-frameless: Screens that are neither framed around the door but around the outside part is known as a semi-frameless shower screen. It is comparatively cheaper than a fully framed shower screen and gives a stylish and clean look to the bathroom.
  • Frameless: As the name suggests these shower screens have no frames at all and have special channels and fixings installed strategically that help the glass to get fixed in its place properly. These sleek, minimalistic shower screens are easy to clean and are a great option for small-sized bathrooms with tight spaces.
  • Sliding door: These shower screens are huge space savers and get perfectly fitted with the doors that do not open outwards or inwards. They provide the same features as the other screens do and can be a perfect choice for bathrooms with a space crunch.
  • Fixed panel: These simple but luxurious shower screens sport a minimalistic look with its single frameless glass panel. These require a drying area opening to the room making it ideal for bathrooms that are big and have a lot of space.bathroom shower screens
  • Pivot door: A pivot door shower screen is mostly a fixed encloser whose three sides are firmly fixed leaving only the door on a pivot hinge that lets the door open inward or outward in a pivot motion. These are available in a varied range of styles and designs and can be a great addition in a large bathroom, as these require a lot of space for the door to open.
  • Quadrant screens: Also known as corner shower screens, quadrant screens generally have pivot door installed upon one or two sides that are fixed and are made to be installed in a corner of the bathroom.
  • Fixed and swing: These shower screens have a swinging door installed on a fixed panel that opens just like standard interior doors. They are the best options for bathrooms that have a lot of space to accommodate the outward opening door.

To conclude

With so many available options to choose from, shower screens are one of the most stylish and necessary attachments to a bathroom that provide an instant upgrade to the overall look of the shower. Whether you choose the framed shower screens or the frameless ones, the space-saving sliding ones or the fixed and swing shower screens for the big bathrooms, shower screens will never fail to disappoint you.

While a minimalistic bathroom looks great in a single pane of high-quality glass, there’s always an option of going that extra mile and choosing glass shower screens that have beautifully crafted. These shower screens can bring a classy and glamorous touch to the overall look of the bathroom. You can also choose the shower screens that come with handles, towel rails or shelves installed in them that allow you to save some more space in your bathroom which are increasingly becoming smaller these days.

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