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8 Cost Effective DIY Home Improvement Tips

8 Cost Effective DIY Home Improvement Tips


Every home wants some improvement every now and then due to usual wear and tears or changing trends. If you want to upgrade your home then there are two options either DIY or hire a contractor. If you are looking to save a little money on home improvement then do-it-yourself might be the best option for you. It can help in increasing its worth at a very low cost. The secret behind it is that when one gives an appealing look to his home then it may also appeal to other onlookers. This public admiration of your home will increase its net worth to a great extent.

Some DIY home improvement tips are provided here under which can help you in making your home beautiful, valuable and livable.


The kitchen is one of the most used parts of a home which has to be renovated very frequently and carefully. But still you can improve its looks yourself even without spending much on it by retaining its layout. You should start with big items in your kitchen like cabinets and backsplash etc. which you can easily renovate yourself.

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Cabinets: You can replace the cabinets in your kitchen if they look very ugly and can be removed easily. But it can increase your cost of home improvement even if you sell your old cabinets to compensate your expenses. If you cannot afford the replacement of the cabinets then you can try some DIY tactics like replacing their doors only, re-facing them, replacing their hardware or staining or painting them to give new look within your budget.

Backsplash: Self updating your backsplash has become easier these days. You can buy ready-to-use peel and stick tiles to install at your kitchen backslash easily. These tiles are available at almost every home improvement store. You can stick them on the wall after peeling its adhesive side. After that you can fill the gaps with grout across the entire backsplash and wipe off the surface of the tiles to give them new look. You can also use laminated photos, wine corks or chalkboard paint to renovate you backslash more creatively.


Though you primarily use your bedrooms for sleeping they should still look marvelous whenever you enter them. You can make some DIY home improvements to improve the looks of their walls, ceiling and closets as suggested here.

Walls: You can paint the alternative walls of your bedroom with contrast colors which will make it look not only more interesting but also bigger than before. The shades you choose should be soothing instead of aggravating.

Closet: The space covered by your closets can also be used to make your room look larger or more beautiful. You can add some art piece or a mirror on the door of the closet. You can also add lighting inside your closet to brighten its interior when you use your wardrobe.

Ceiling: Renovation of the ceiling of the bedroom is necessary as look it most of the time you are using it. You can install a new ceiling fan or a unique light fixture, complimenting to the design of other furniture and fixture in your bedroom, to give its ceiling a new look.

Family Room

The renovation of living room is also necessary as your family spends most time in this room. Several things can be renovated yourself in this room.

Ceiling and walls: You can paint the ceiling and walls of your living room after making its surface smooth by scraping out blisters from it.

Lighting: In order to give unique look to your living room you can install recessed lights on the spots which you want to underline. You can also use dimmer switches not only to save energy but also to give an emotional touch to its environment.

TV: Instead of replacing your existing TV you can install a wall-mounted projector or can buy a latest branded TV which will help you to gain larger than life experience while seeing movies and other favorite TV programs.

Similarly you can renovate your bathroom, entry space and storage space of your home increase it’s value, looks and utility. But while trying these tips keep in mind that you must have the proper tools and might have to do a little learning as well.

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