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7 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

Whether you are selling your starter home or looking to downsize, selling your home can be a logistical and emotional challenge. Whether you are saying “sell my house in Mt. Airy”, or any city, here are some tips to help you do that.

7 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

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Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers see is your home’s exterior. Make sure it is clean and fresh. Add colorful flowers and replace any brown or dead plants. Consider updating your walk with pavers or bricks.


Buyers want to be able to visualize their own belongings and their own life when they tour your home. Declutter by removing personal affects so that buyers can see the spaces and start to place their own things. Clear shelves except for carefully selected decor elements, and tuck appliances away so that your countertops are free of debris.

Details Matter

Details are what make your home special! Crown molding is a popular choice for homeowners, and buyers will appreciate a home that already has it. Other details such as window trim, accent tile, or stone borders in the garden can also make a big impact.

Easy Updates

Many home buyers today are determined to have updated appliances in the kitchen. This typically means stainless steel. If you are in a position to change out one or more of your non-stainless appliances, buyers will be sold on your kitchen.


Homebuyers have many different needs, and highlighting your home’s versatility may be the key to getting an offer. If you have a formal living room, consider how you might stage the room to also work as an office or library. If you have an extra room that can be used as a bedroom, cleverly arrange it so that buyers can see the potential.

Price It Right

To get buyers in the front door, you need to be sure your home is priced right. Consider your neighborhood, amenities, and the assessed value of your home. Because most buyers are now starting their searches online and using maximum values as part of the search, keeping your price just below a popular threshold might get a buyer in the door who would otherwise miss out.

The Nose Knows

When buyers are arriving to tour your home, be sure that the house is tidy and clean. Beyond that, make sure that it smells like home. Bake a batch of cookies to give the kitchen a warm and cozy feel. Place tasteful air fresheners strategically so that no area goes unscented.


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