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7 Signs you Need to Replace Your Plumbing

When do you Need to Replace Your Plumbing

Taking care of your plumbing around your house is probably the most important aspect of keeping a home well maintained. Without the proper maintenance, your entire plumbing system can begin to fail and cause permanent damage to your home. Hiring a professional can help you get a handle of your plumbing situation when you begin to see these types of signs.

1. Repeated Leaks: When you start seeing repeated leaks around your home, which you repair, it can indicate a larger problem along your pipes. Although it may start with a small leak, the problem may eventually erupt into a larger leak that can flood your home.

2. Coloring of Water: One of the best ways to tell how well your pipes are is by checking the color of your water. A great way is to check your water when you come back from a vacation. Fill up your bathtub with water and check for a brown or yellow tinge to the water.

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3. Mold: You may run into a mold problem when you are doing some remodeling around your home. If you start to see mold around your bathroom or under the house, it may indicate a major problem with your plumbing system.

4. Tubing, Discoloration and Stains: Make sure that you check exposed tubing inside your home. The tubing can be located in a basement or a crawl space. If you notice discoloration or stains around the tubing, this can be an indicator of extensive wear and tear.

5. Flaking and Dimpling: While you are checking the tubing in your home, you can also check for flaking or dimpling. The flaking of the tube can be a warning sign that the pipes are beginning to fall apart.

6. Water Pressure: Low water pressure is another sign that your plumbing needs replacement. It could indicate galvanized pipes that are clogged or starting to corrode. Within time, you may have a burst pipe on your hands.

7. Strange Smell: The smell of sewer can be a classic sign that your drains aren’t performing as they should. If the strange smell is accompanied by standing water outside of your home, you may already have a leak in your drainage pipes.

In the end, your goal should be to spot leaks anywhere around your home. If you do find something irregular, make sure that you hire a plumber like those at Imagine Plumbing & Appliance identify and fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

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