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7 Signs Your Home Needs Plumbing Restoration

7 Signs Your Home Needs Plumbing Restoration


On many levels it is not an understatement to state that plumbing provides the lifeblood of a residence or other type of property. For this reason, it is crucial that plumbing be in top operating condition at all times. There are seven signs that a home needs plumbing restoration.

Decreased Water Pressure

One of the most common signs that home plumbing needs restoration is a decrease in water pressure. If a persistent decrease in water pressure occurs, the time has come to call in a plumbing expert for a professional evaluation.

Unusual Sounds

According to Brothers Plumbing Ltd., an indication that plumbing restoration is needed is unusual sounds emitting from the pipes (intake or outtake — or both) when in use. Well-functioning pipes may occasionally rattle. However, this should not occur on a persistent basis.


Unusual Odors

Another warning sign that plumbing restoration is needed is found in unusual odors emitting from faucets and drains. Odors are indicative of a number of different problems that usually require professional intervention or even a full scale plumbing restoration at a residence.

Decreased Flow in Drains

If the flow of water outward through drains decreases on a persistent basis, the need for plumbing restoration may exist. The reality is that this type of problem typically worsens over time, once detected.

Discolored Water

Discolored water represents another problem associated with residential plumbing calling for the intervention of a professional plumber. As is the case with odors and other problems, if discolored water is persistent, it is also likely that the situation will worsen over time. It can be indicative of the need for overall, comprehensive plumbing restoration.

Increased Water Bills

A sign that residential plumbing restoration may be necessary is an increase in water bills. Although water bills can increase for a variety of reasons — for example, water use tends to increase or decrease depending on the season — these upticks can be indicative of pipe problems. For example, leaking pipes waste water, resulting in higher water bills.

Conclusion: Hire a Professional Plumber

No matter what sign or signs lead a person to believe that plumbing restoration is necessary, it is crucial that a professional plumber be consulted. Of course, a professional plumber is necessary to complete a pipe restoration. However, in the final analysis, only a professional plumber is able to make an appropriate, accurate diagnosis of what is going on with a residential plumbing system.

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