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7 Party Theme Ideas for Holidays

7 Party Theme Ideas for Holidays

Well, if there’s something that packs a punch to holidays, then it’s those everlasting sprightly parties. From wine tasting to highly adrenaline booster rave parties holiday seasons are livelier than ever. But, the problem and questionaries’ arises when you are planning to be the host of any of those parties.

Parties are all about fun and as a host, it will be your responsibility for not letting the party die. Most of the parties tend to lose their tempting and alluring factor at a certain point. For most of the party freaks out there, it wouldn’t be new if they experience a party fatigue while in the party.

But, the tables will definitely turn when you add a bit of spice to your whole party checklist. Yes, we are talking about themed parties!!! Here are 7 party theme ideas you can try as a host to add an extra spice to your holiday seasons…


  1. A Pinterest Evening Party

Pinterest is the next new thing that’s swooping the social media by its legs. For most of us Pinterest is one of the favorite places to find new blogs and crafts; crafts which keep us pinned to the screen. Well, let’s take an advantage of this for an evening. Bring out the Picasso in you. Be the creative one to leave your guests amazed. Pick out the best recipes and crafts you can find from Pinterest and give it a try.


  1. A Christmas Scavenger Party

Christmas without a doubt is the best holiday for the whole world. So, for this year let’s make it more special. Begin your Christmas party with a large scavenger hunt. Keep it large like in a Shopping Mall or even Wallmart. We assure you that it will be in a whole new level than all the other parties in your neighborhood.


  1. A Bonfire Party

This is something you can try if you are trying to throw a party by the end of fall season. With the orange palettes from the fall season and the fresh cold breezes from the upcoming winter, a bonfire party will be a right choice. Boost em’ up with a bit of cocktail and EDM drops.


  1. A Costume Party

Parties can be a lot cooler and savage with a dress-code. Comic-Con can be one of the best examples how fun costume gatherings can be. Pick out your theme and set your venue accordingly. For a quick demo, assume you are planning to throw a party which can get kinda wild!!! Try a theme like a magical forest or the woods. How cool it would be to dance along with the werewolves, fairies ad the witches!!!


  1. The Movie Marathon Party 

The best thing about these party is that they are easy to host. Because honestly, you’ll be searching for holiday movies on Netflix anyways. So, why not have a holiday film fest!!! Keep your list to max 5 movies to avoid the merry movie fatigue. Share the titles with your guests and ask them to dress up as their favorite movie character. You can take a notch up by introducing a drinking game too. Take a shot whenever someone says ‘Holiday’ or ‘Party’ in the movie.


  1. Pet Holiday Parties

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, our pets are adorable and cute. Just like us, cats and dogs like nothing more than to be dressed up and believe us they look just as adorable as a fluffy doll. So, now its time to throw them a party. Host a party where your guest can tag their pets too. Turn up a pet-friendly environment with toys and foods. This is the perfect time to click those cringy pictures of your pets in costume!!!


  1. Throw a Retro-Themed Party 

‘Old is gold’. And a retro-themed party can indeed prove it. But, these have a few challenges too. You might need to have a detailed look at the vintage-style vintages and dress codes. Take out the old records from your attic and set them up for jam sessions.


Parties are not only about the rave music and booze. It is also about bonding and respect. If you are ever planning to host a party make sure you’ve done a proper research as if you have put your heart and soul into something that will always come out with flying colors.

Author Bio: I am a lifestyle and decor blogger and editor at Lijo Decor. A long-time native from Miami, Florida , USA who loves to publish her own articles in various lifestyle-related websites.




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