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7 Decor Details Your Home Is Missing

7 Decor Details Your Home Is Missing

There is nothing wrong with your home, yet you feel that something is missing? You know that your place has a great potential, but you just can’t deal with all the decoration drama? Maybe you don’t need to hire an interior designer or make huge improvements. Cleaning out the visual clutter and replacing it with effective accents will transform your place. Your home is just a couple of details away from looking fabulous.

7 Decor Details Your Home Is Missing
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  1. Black and White Classic

A bold mix of black and white patterns brings a dramatic effect while the balancing out the interior. The combination goes well with any colour palette because of its neutrality. Incorporate black and white in decorative elements like lampshades, pillows, rugs and art pieces.

  1. Mixed Patterns

Your home feels dull and boring? Jazz it up with a bold mixture of colourful patterns. It may look like you are just throwing a couple of items with random prints together. In reality, mixing patterns requires more consideration. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a pro to play with it. Your patterns should be different enough to create interest and coherent enough to look good. Apart from prints, you can combine multiple types of texture.  Pay attention to the way a fabric appearance and feel.

  1. Hanging Element

An item placed in an unconventional way can become an effective focal point. Fancy a hammock in your urban apartment. The bigger the hanging piece, the greater is the effect. You can also go for hanging side tables or seating. If you don’t have enough space, pick an interesting pedant or Christmas lights with warm gold glow. Hanging plants are huge trend right now. You get a natural purifier and amazing decor detail.

Image- iStockphoto
Image- iStockphoto
  1. A Quick Domestic Cleaning

Okay, this is not exactly a detail, but home cleaning can really improve the look of your place. Grab your cleaners and take care of the most problematic areas in your house. You will see immediate results after performing your cleaning routine.

  1. Proper Lightening

The lack of effective lightening fixtures is a problem in many home decors. A great design includes three types of lightening – ambient, task and accent. You probably have the first one, which is your primary source of light. Your overhead is not enough. Task lightening is important in rooms where you need additional light for work or a hobby like reading. On the other hand, accent lightening can enhance your decor and give statement to a certain design feature. Light up your favourite picture or put a standing lamp in an empty corner. Candles are a popular choice because they create cosy atmosphere.

  1. A Rug/Carpet

A small rug under your coffee table can give accent to the boring living room. A carpet in neutral colour placed at the centre of the room can visually enlarge the place. If your interior is somewhat chaotic, tie it up with a rug in an appropriate colour.

  1. Your Personality

Maybe your home lacks the “you” element .It sounds like a cliché, but your place should reflect your personality. What’s the point of having a space that has nothing to do with you or your lifestyle? Your personal style and taste gives a unique tinge to the place.


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